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Best of In2-MeC

Best of In2-MeC – Sannyasa Journal of Shripada (108) Suhotra Swami Maharaja (7 January 2003 – 4 January 2005)

Foreword / Formatting by Patita Pavana dasa Adhikary: “In In2-MeC we see in every direction how Suhotra Swami peered into the unique “purports” of life’s facets. But in each instance—whether he ventured into the realms of sociology, philosophy, medicine, literature, film, science, psychology, Western or Oriental philosophy, religion, Vedic literature or Gaudiya shastra and Shri Krishna Vraja-lila—the end-game was always one. His long and winding road inevitably takes the reader to the lotus feet of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. And that goal was always arrived at, as he continually reminded us, through the mercy of his spiritual master Shrila Prabhupada.”

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five

There are more parts coming, stay tuned…

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Introduction to Best of In2-MeC
by Abhaya Mudra Dasi

“I very much hope that everyone who has exposure to The Best of the In2-MeC will appreciate now that it is in a more readable format, the true genius of this great seeker of Truth and servant of Shrila Prabhupada, Shripada Suhotra Swami.”


Srimad Bhagavatam Study Guides (Maharaja’s last – unfinished – work)

SB Study Guide 1st Canto – Download PDF or DOC.

SB Study Guide 2nd Canto – Download PDF or DOC.

SB Study Guide 1st Canto Charts – Download PDF or DOC.

Bhakti Sastri Introduction – Download PDF or DOC.


In2-MeC – Internet Journal of Suhotra Swami

For easier reading the essays are chronologically arranged into PDF and DOC files. You may also view them here
as they originally appeared online.

In2-MeC Part One – Download PDF or DOC

In2-MeC Part Two – Download PDF or DOC

In2-MeC Part Three – Download PDF or DOC

In2-MeC Part Four – Download PDF or DOC

In2-MeC Part Five – Download PDF or DOC

In2-MeC Part Six – In2DeepFreezee – Download PDF or DOC

Sketches of a Devotee’s Pre-Krsna Conscious Life in India
Back in the late 1980’s I tape-recorded a series of interesting stories told me by an Indian devotee, whom I shall not name to protect his privacy. These stories relate his life as a young man from a South Indian smarta brahmin family, and trace how he gradually turned away from material life to Krsna consciousness. Download PDF or DOC.



Substance and Shadow -The Vedic Method of Knowledge. The author: “The book is aimed at people who read Srila Prabhupada’s books. Not necessarily full-time devotees. It actually turns out to be a very “straight” Krsna conscious presentation. But the presentation is through philosophy. A major theme throughout are the problems of epistemology, logic, metaphysics and ethics. While presenting these, I am very careful not to lose the reader. I assume the reader is intelligent but may not be familiar with these philosophical issues. So by reading my book one can learn traditional philosophy along the way. That is one of the main reasons why I wrote it. I believe we have a problem in ISKCON with devotees who don’t know how to think rationally. Thus they are in danger of being misled by word-jugglery and “new” trends in philosophy coming from persons influenced by Mayavada and sahajiyaism. I deal with these problems also. But I avoid polemics. The whole emphasis is on rational thought. The point of the book is that Krsna consciousness is the most rational system of thinking, whether Eastern or Western. A person who has not read Prabhupada’s books will likely get interested to read them from reading Substance and Shadow. He will definitely learn a lot about Prabhupada message! At least this is my hope.” (20th May 1996) Download PDF or DOC.

Six Systems of Vedic Philosophy – compiled by Suhotra Swami
Nyaya, Vaisesika, Samkhya, Yoga, Karma-mimamsa and Vedanta. Download PDF or DOC.

The Apasampradayas – Deviation of the disciplic succession. A booklet written by Suhotra Swami in 1991. An overview of the philosophies and practices of 13 unauthorized sects that claim to represent the teachings of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, it draws extensively from Srila Prabhupada’s commentaries. The information presented in the booklet will be helpful to devotees of Krsna who are uneasy about the tendency of certain enthusiasts to blindly follow leaders who are supposedly in “transcendental ecstacy”. Do you see trends that disturb you – moral and spiritual laxity, syncretism, nonscriptural and nonlogical “magical thinking” (e.g. New Age ideology, Tantrism), Dionysian emotionalism – and do you wonder where these trends have come from and where they are leading? Download PDF or DOC (English) – Apasamp.pdf (Spanish).

Transcendental Personalism – Vedic Answers for the Human Situation
Download PDF or DOC. Russian translation – Beyond Matrix – Download PDF or DOC.

Dimensions of Good and Evil – The Moral Universe and Vaisnava Philosophy
Download PDF or DOC.

Transcendental Psychology – collected essays from the In2-MeC journal of Suhotra Swami
Download PDF or DOC.

Gaudiya Cosmotheism – an investigation of traditional Gaudiya-vaisnava cosmology. Download PDF or DOC.


Srimad Bhagavatam – the Natural Commentary on Vedanta-sutra

Studying Srimad Bhagavatam From Vedanta-sutra (379 paged Study Guide)
Vedanta-sutra verses are parenthetically indicated by number (adhyaya, pada, sutra). They are followed by Srimad Bhagavatam verses–Sanskrit, word meanings and translation–that explain the sutras. Each sutra addresses philosophical subjects that have been summarized in capital letters. The summaries are derived from Srila Baladeva Vidyabhusana’s Govinda Bhasya. For reference here are the two original texts, not graphically so well-arranged as the above one: Introduction PDF or DOC and Guide PDF or DOC.

VIHE Course Outlines

1/ SB, the Natural Commentary on Vedanta Sutra, VIHE Seminar, Radhadesh, 1993 – Download PDF or DOC.


Srimad Bhagavatam – the natural commentary on Vedanta-sutra
Lectures 2nd – 6th March 1994, Mayapur. Download PDF or DOC.


Falldown of the jiva into the material world

Our Original Position, Chapter Twelve
The Deviation of Kala Krsnadasa; “Factual Evidence” of Falldown from the Lord’s Association. Suhotra Swami shows in the following article scriptural evidence that one can fall down from the direct association of the Lord. Download PDF or DOC.

Falldown – This essay was originally an answer of Suhotra Maharaja to a question about the “fairness” of our falldown to the material world. Download PDF or DOC.

Provisional Preaching Strategy – Did Srila Prabhupada Have a Provisional Preaching Strategy Regarding the Origin of the Jiva? Download PDF or DOC.

An Outline for a Discussion on the Subject of “How and from Where Does the Spirit Soul Fall Down to the Material World?” Download PDF or DOC.

Notes and Quotes for Falldown Seminar – Download PDF or DOC.


Back to Godhead Articles

At the Edge – On this line of confrontation between two powerful political doctrines, the hope of world peace is precariously balanced. Download PDF or DOC.

Pilgrims from the New World – Pursuing the phantoms of a historical identity in Europe. Download PDF or DOC.

Two Faces of Krsna – To those who refuse to love His smiling, gentle form, Krsna shows another . . . Download PDF or DOC.

Report from Bonn – Hare Krsna—A Spiritual Force at the Antinuclear Rally. Download PDF or DOC.

Poland’s Double Darkness – As we in the “free world” watch the Poles agonize under martial law, we may forget the more basic bondage we share with them. Download PDF or DOC.

In Search of Happiness – There are many ways to try to find it, but only one will give us the full enjoyment and complete freedom we’re looking for. Download PDF or DOC.

1984 Revisited – Thirty-six years ago George Orwell selected this year’s date as the title of his novel of ominous social prophecy. In his vision, the nations of the world of 1984 would form three superstates, pitted against one another in constant war. Download PDF or DOC.

Peace Talks Paradox – For a growing number of people on both sides of the Atlantic, the nuclear arms buildup is the issue of the eighties. Download PDF or DOC.

Chanting the Holy Names in West Berlin – Now the people in this politically tense city have something to sing about. Download PDF or DOC.

Terror From The Year Zero – The year 1986 is proving to be a strange and terrifying year, especially for Americans living in Europe. Download PDF or DOC.

Romanian Vignettes – Romanians and Czechs dance to the holy names of Krsna. Download PDF or DOC.

Deviant Vaisnava Sects – From the time of Lord Caitanya to the present day, His pure followers have defended His teachings against philosophical perversions. Download PDF.

Channeling – Extrasensory Deception – “If the guides were not guides after all, who were they?”—Hungry Ghosts, by Joe Fisher, p. 202. Download PDF or DOC.

Doubt and Certainty in Krsna Consciousness – “How can I be certain that what you are telling me is true?” Every thinking person asks, and gets asked, this question. The Vedic philosophy arrives at certitude through pramana. Download PDF.


DANDA – Questions and Answers with His Holiness Suhotra Swami. The
name of the conference is: (Have) Danda (Will Travel)

Danda Conference 1994-1998 – Download the original files

Danda Conference 1994 – This year of Danda were nicely edited and sorted out by Kasya Prabhu. Very easy reading of Q&A. Download PDF or DOC.

Danda Conference 1995 – Download PDF or DOC. With few additional questions (but missing others) here.

Danda Conference 1996 – Download PDF or DOC.

Danda Conference 1997 – Download PDF or DOC.

Danda Conference 1998 – This year of Danda were nicely edited and sorted out by Kasya Prabhu. Very easy reading of Q&A. Download PDF or DOC.


Study Guides

Teachings of Lord Caitanya Study Guide – Teachings of Lord Chaitanya, the Golden Avatara was written in the late 1960’s by Srila Prabhupada, Founder-acharya of ISKCON, as a summary study of five important philosophical sections of the Sri Chaitanya-charitamrta by Srila Krishnadasa Kaviraja Goswami. These five sections are: the teachings of Lord Chaitanya to Rupa Goswami, to Sanatana Goswami, to Prakashananda Saraswati, to Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya and to Ramananda Raya. Download PDF or DOC.

Bhagavad-Gita in Essence – The author: “Years ago I put together a seminar entitled “Bhagavad-gita in Essence.” I believe I taught this only twice, in Radhadesh, Belgium, and in Perth, Australia in the early to mid-1990’s. I found the files for the course on my hard disk and became absorbed in reading through them. The research I’d done to construct these course files is quite interesting. So I’m publishing the files here as a series.” Download PDF or DOC.

What the Upanisads Teach – The Upanisads are vedasya-antah, meaning that they express the conclusion of Vedic knowledge. They are to be learned by “sitting close to the spiritual master” (upa-ni-sad). The knowledge of the Upanisads is guha-vidya, secret. The ancient sage Dramida defined upanisad as brahmani upanisanneti upanisat, “that which is deeply immersed in Brahman.” Download PDF or DOC.


Defeating Theologians & Academics

False Interpretations – A Reply to a Christian Scholar’s Criticisms. Download PDF or DOC.

The Real Danger – An answer from ISKCON, West Germany. In Up-Date Volume III, Issue 3/4 for December ’79, the Reverend Friedrich W. Haack is stylized in the editorial section as “a pastor who simply cares so much for his flock that he reacts strongly against those who try to steal the will of other people.” Download PDF or DOC.

Tantra – From one of our readers we have received the following letter, which is a reaction to the article “Guruism – A Hindu Counter-mission” published in Up-date IV 1/2. Download PDF or DOC.


On Social Development in ISKCON

Social Development – Herewith I submit for your kind consideration five papers on the need for social development in ISKCON. My focus is on philosophical and moral fundamentals. It is my basic contention that the issue of our development as a society is inseparable from the issue of our system of morals (i.e. our ethics), and that in turn is inseparable from our philosophy. Download PDF or DOC.

On Varnasrama Development (1997) – Letter to Lokanath Swami – I have looked over your list of questions. In response, I would like to offer you the following thoughts. While my thoughts are not point-by-point replies to your questions, they are in my humble opinion essential to any serious discussion on varnasrama. I offer these thoughts to you with the suggestion that perhaps your discussion group should reconsider its present emphasis on “how to” question, and consider more the “why” question. Download PDF or DOC.


Vyasa Puja Homages to Srila Prabhupada

Offering 1995 – Download PDF or DOC.

Offering 2000 – Download PDF or DOC.

Offerings 1986 – 2004 – Download PDF or DOC.



Suhotra Maharaja’s Vyasa Puja Homages to Srila Prabhupada

1989 | 1990 | 1994 | 2000 | 2001



Other writings

Raganuga-bhakti and ISKCON – An Examination – Lately (in 1994) a bit of controversy has arisen within our movement about raganuga-bhakti. Some Godbrothers of mine have reported that there are ISKCON devotees in Vrndavana who say that because raganuga-bhakti is not being cultivated within ISKCON, we should consult Gaudiya Vaisnava authorities outside of ISKCON to help foster our understanding and practice of it. Otherwise, if we all simply remain in vaidhi-bhakti (the platform they say that ISKCON is presently on), we will never attain the goal that Srila Prabhupada wanted us to attain–pure love of Godhead (krsna-prema). Download PDF or DOC.

Channeling – Extrasensory Deception – Seth, Ramtha, Lazaris, Ashtar, Mashiyach – the vaguely Biblical-sounding names have the ring of “prophet” to them. Channeling is defined as “the process in which a person transmits messages from a presumed discarnate source external to his or her consciousness.” What is the Krishna conscious view of it? Download PDF or DOC.

Mayavadi Philosophy – Analysis and Refutation

A. What is Mayavada philosophy?
B. How to defeat it with their own arguments.
C. How to defeat it with Bhagavata arguments.
D. The historical background of the rise of Sankara’s Mayavadi Vedanta in India

Hinduism, Followers of the Veda – Download PDF or DOC.
Table of contents:
* {1.} Hinduism
* {2.} Vedanta
* {3.} Siddhanta (Philosophical Conclusion)
* {4.} Shankara and Buddhism
* {5.} Differences Among the Four Vaishnava Sampradayas
* {6.} Reconciliation of the Four Vaishnava Viewpoints
* {7.} Sanatana-dharma
* {8.} The Avataras of Godhead
* {9.} Liberation in Krishna Consciousness

The Avatar Buddha – Siddhartha Gautama was the blessed and beautiful prince of the Sakyas, a royal family descended from the Suryavamsha (the Solar Dynasty of ancient Indian kings). He had always been carefully sheltered from the distresses of life by his father, King Shuddhodana. Download PDF or DOC.

The Spiritual Disaster of Material Attachment – An Echo from Ancient Greece – The nature of man and his struggle with ignorance, and the disastrous truth that ignorance obscures, is the theme of the tale of King Oedipus related by the classical Greek playwright Sophocles. Even now, almost two and a half millenia after it was written, the dramatic insight of Oedipus Tyrannus (Oedipus the King) cannot fail to fascinate the reader. Download PDF or DOC.

Care of the Soul – We find an outline of a methodology of care of the soul presented by Socrates in Plato’s Republic. The soul is portrayed as having three faculties, which are usually translated as appetite, spirit and reason. Here we will use the word ardor in place of spirit, to avoid confusion. Elsewhere in this book the word spirit is used to mean the nonmaterial energy behind animate symptoms, whereas Plato’s intention is different. According to the dictionary, his sense of the word spirit is equivalent to ardor. Download PDF or DOC.

Prayer as the Voice of Pure Devotion – In a spatio-temporal sense at least, this article on prayer is outside the Christian tradition. But space and time have only to do with physics. If there is anything accessible to human experience that is metaphysical (that is, “beyond physics”), it is prayer. I therefore believe that prayer is the true common ground upon which all religions and all humanity can find a unity that remains ever-unrealized within the physical realm. Download PDF or DOC.

The Three Modes of Material Nature – The English word “mode” best conveys the sense of the Sanskrit word guna (material quality). “Mode” comes from the Latin modus, and it has a special application in European philosophy. The fourteenth chapter of Bhagavad-gita (verses 3-5) presents a similar twofold description of material nature as mahat yoni, the source of birth, and as guna prakrti, that which acts wonderfully through modes. Download PDF or DOC.

The Uses of Argument by Stephen Toulmin (Cambridge University Press 1993 reprint, originally published in 1958). Adapted for use in Vaisnava discourses by Suhotra Swami. Download PDF or DOC.

A Few Words (1996) – Suhotra Maharaja’s letter (especially) to his disciples: This year as you know I was elected to be the GBC Chairman. I feel a great weight has been dropped upon my shoulders. But I am not lamenting. This is Srila Prabhupada’s mercy. If it means anxiety for me, that will be my purification. Download PDF or DOC.

What Is Vaishnavism – Bhagavat Dharma Discourse #1 – based upon a booklet from the Vaishnava Research Institute, re-edited by Suhotra Swami. Download PDF or DOC.

Prakrta and Aprakrta Rasa – A lecture to be delivered by Suhotra Swami at the Jakarta Seminar. Download PDF or DOC.

Interview with Suhotra Swami about his Stay High Forever kirtans. Download PDF or DOC.

Brahmana Test – by H.H.Suhotra Swami. Download PDF or DOC.

A Touch of Noir – Out of the Darkness to the Dark Lord Sri Krsna (short Intro to intended book from 2000) Download PDF or DOC.

Jokes by Bhakta Hap Camper – The name of the conference is: (Global) Jokes – 1995


Transcribed lectures

A-757 91-05-26 BG 9.25 Sunday Lecture: Hungry ghosts Oslo – Download PDF or DOC.

B-548 94-08-31 Reading Stories told by SP Radhadesh – Download PDF or DOC.

B-092 92-10-22 BG 2.29 Last days of Socrates Heidelberg – Download PDF or DOC.

B-756 95-04-29 SB 7.6.16 God is NOWHERE Copenhagen – Download PDF or DOC.

C-769 Q& A: Disneyland conception of spiritual life – Download PDF or DOC.

C-430 97-12-19 SB 4.23.9 Risks in personal relationships – Download PDF or DOC.

C-720 98-12-05 VP Address: Why Vaisnava becomes a guru – Download PDF or DOC.

A-319 86-10-31 SB 2.3.1 The python of lust Heidelberg – Download PDF or DOC.

C-013 96-06-20 SB 4.1.1 – SP’s books smash the wall of false ego – Download PDF.

A-667 90-11-10 BG 5.8-9 Four kinds of pious people – Download PDF or DOC.

B-462 94-05-30 SB 3.21.31 Niskama yoga Prague – Download PDF or DOC.

C-431 97-12-20 SB 4.23.10 The origin of our tendency to sin – Download PDF or DOC.

B-021 92-06-24 SB 6.7.32 Upward mobility is demoniac – Download PDF or DOC.

B-165 93-04-04 BG 5.22 Initiation – Story of Kaca CZ Farm – Download PDF or DOC.

C-173 96-12-29 SB 4.22.5 Initiation – Don’t be a cheap disciple – Download PDF or DOC.

C-652 98-09-28 SB 5.5.10-13 ISKCON is society of solutions Prague – Download PDF.

C-391 97-11-21 VP Address – Vaisnava is always humble Wroclaw – Download PDF.

Unhistorical asses – Download PDF or DOC.


Vyasa Puja Books (by disciples & well-wishers)

Vyasa Puja Book 1990
Download PDF (2,9 MB) or DOC.
Vyasa Puja Book 1991
Download PDF (29,3 MB) or DOC (27,3 MB).
Vyasa Puja Book 1992
Download PDF (32,4 MB) or DOC (41,8 MB).
Vyasa Puja Book 1993
Download PDF (28,7 MB) or DOC (42,4 MB).
Vyasa Puja Book 1994
Download PDF (38 MB) or DOC (35,9 MB).
Vyasa Puja Book 1995
Download PDF (35 MB) or DOC (31,3 MB).
Vyasa Puja Book 1996
Download PDF (48,6 MB) or DOC (49,5 MB).
Vyasa Puja Book 1997
Download PDF (13,2 MB) or DOC (24,1 MB).
Vyasa Puja Book 1998
Download PDF (47,2 MB) or DOC (43,5 MB).