SS Disciples Nectar

This section contains letters published in 2000 – 2001 on COM conference “SS Disciples” describing activities and personal memories of Suhotra Maharaja written by his disciples.

There were much more texts, which are unfortunately lost. If you by chance happen to have them somewhere in your computer, please share them with us! You may contact us.
Thank you!

Texts written by Vidyagati das in 2001:

Dear devotees,
as you may see, I have written number of texts to SS Disciples in 2001, the first year when I was traveling with Guru Maharaja as his assistant. I am so happy I could do that. Although I was also traveling with him in the years 2002, 2003 and partly 2004, during these years I wasn’t writing anything, which I now greatly regret. The reason was that during this time I was quite busy with GM’s Audio and later Video Ministry, thus preserving his vani, which I considered my most important mission at that time. And from 2003 GM started publishing his internet journal In2-MeC, where he also regularly described his whereabouts “in the real time”, as he called it. Anyway, I am now offering to you all my writings from 2001, hoping that it will increase your appreciation and attachment to Guru Maharaja.

Your servant
Vidyagati das

Here are the texts sent to the SS Disciples conference by Finnish devotees:

(Tattvavada, Muniraja and Bhrgu Muni Prabhus)