Suhotra Maharaja’s daily Shaligram puja

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  • Virtual Shalagram Darshan Watch | Download
    with Suhotra Maharaja explaining about his Shilas.
  • Suhotra Maharaja doing PUJA & HOMA for his Salagrams in 2003.
    Puja#1: Watch | Download ; Puja#2: Watch | Download
  • NEW: Nrsimhadeva’s abhiseka 1996 Watch | Download
    Abhisek of Lord Nrsimhadeva from Mayapur Chandrodaya Mandir, with fire yajna and chanting of the Purusa Sukta. Present are HH Bhaktividya Purna Maharaja and Suhotra Maharaja.
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Salagram Sila Altar

That’s Sri Giriraja sitting in His golden throne.

Sri-Sri Jagannatha-Sudarsana. Natural smiling mouth, button nose and red lotus eyes – even with pupils!

Sri-Sri Laksmi-Sesasayi. The Sesa sila at the back, sort of globe-shaped with multiple heads at the top, was given to me in New Zealand by Sri Jayatirtha Carana Prabhu. He told me this sila comes from Damodara Kund in Upper Mustang.

Yajna-purusa: a Cakra sila upon which is mounted a very hungry eater-of-offerings sila.

Very small Nrsimha sila.

Devotees sometimes inquire what happened to the previous Jagannatha silas I had been worshiping before my recent Salagram pilgrimage. This photo shows 2 of my former silas, now under the care of Premavanya Prabhu in the Ukraine. They look very happy, huh?