What follows below is a list of links to my more unbridled writings. Some of these ramble just too far off the happy trail of Krsna consciousness. Some are pretty pungent in their sarcasm--though I must mention that I do have readers who much like the combative mode of presentation.

Thing is, at the bottom of my heart I am actually a soft-hearted kind of guy. Thus, not liking to be the cause of disturbance to others, I sat down recently and started thinking I should just delete these texts. But they've already been posted on In2-MeC, some for a year or more. They were read by thousands of visitors. So I concluded it more honest to shove them into deep freeze on this Crazy House page. They'll live on as curiosities, as sideshow freaks.

So if you're curious, pal, go ahead and thaw these essays out. Hey--you may yet find in them some useful nuggets of wisdom. But be warned: I stuck them in the funny freezer for good reason. Some of this stuff is wackier than a pair of waltzing mice.

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