Samadhi carvings

29th November 2007

Dear devotees,
please accept my humble obeisances.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada! All glories to Suhotra Maharaja!

First of all I have to apologize for not being able to release this update earlier, but there were delays with getting detailed informations and the pictures.

We can inform you that WE HAVE GOT ALL THE FUNDS necessary for completing the Samadhi, including costs for wooden doors, gold-plated kalash on the top and the transport from South India to Mayapur!!! Therefore a big THANKS goes to all of you, who have kindly contributed towards the Samadhi! At the same time we can be sure of getting blessings from Suhotra Maharaja for cooperating so nicely for getting his Samadhi and Memorial done!

The pictures speak for themselves about the progress with Samadhi carvings. Below are three batches of photos to be seen – on the one from September you can see the work on the bottom parts of the Samadhi. The second batch, taken on 1st November shows the dome being almost completed. Design work is going on and all the other parts are coming together at a consistent speed. It is expected that the work will be completed on time, perhaps little earlier then February 2008.

The third batch of the photos shows the renovated Kutir. As you can see, HH BVPM has achieved a unique appearance of the Kutir to look like a beautiful yantra from above. Also the THANKS should go to him for engaging Suhotra Maharaja in writing / research and teaching. And to the members of the gurukula who cared for Maharaja’s needs as best they could.

The garden around the Kutir is yet to be done by Ram Vijay Prabhu’s crew, to whom also goes a big THANKS for completing a wonderful memorial structure. For making the garden we had to collect extra 230 Euros more.

After seeing the Kutir photos you may wonder where the Samadhi itself will stand….Yes, it won’t be on top of the Kutir, as previously thought. BVPM is eager to build the foundation at a choice spot at the end of the lecture space under the library where the Bhagavatam studies are held.

Although by Krishna’s grace we have got the collection together, the work is not yet finished! As always, please pray for the successful completion of the whole project!

Thank you on behalf of the Samadhi construction team,
your servant Vidyagati das


Samadhi work – 2nd September 2007


Samadhi work – 1st November 2007


Kutir – middle of November 2007

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