New photo in Samadhi

17th May 2010

Dear Godbrother, Godsisters & wellwishers.

Hare Krishna.

We placed new picture of our dear Guru Maharaja in Samadhi. That would not be anything special, but this one is. This picture is engraved in granite stone, and it will last another 1000 years at least. It was kindly approved and very much liked by Srila Bhakti Vidyapurna Maharaja.

I came up with this idea few months ago while visiting GM’s Samadhi, and presented it to BVPS and few other devotees. I did not know cost or what it takes, and where to get money to make picture like this. I only knew that it is often done on graveyard stones in my country (Czech Republic). So I thought it would be nice for our gurudeva too. After short time our dear godbrother Kusa d. came to Vidyagati Pr. asking if he can do something for the Samadhi in Mayapur. I have to note that he knew nothing about this “picture on stone” idea. After familiarizing him with this project, he graciously contributed 808.00 EUR. That covered the� work of the lapidary. That is another amazing think. This lapidary is very expert, and is recognized national artist in this lapidary work. He did all the work including letters in few days. After that he commented that he never made so perfect stone carving in his life. And it is perfect. His hand was guided by Krishna, what he does not know.

Last thing was to transport it to Sridhama Mayapur. Courier cost more 800.00 for this weight. The weight of this granite slab is 21 kg. I thought that is too costly. But it took just another few days, until our devotee friend from CSA (Czech Airlines) offered himself to transport it as cabin luggage. Amazingly he received from the company few days holiday for this, which is unusual from his employee, as he said. And without any problem he was allowed to take it inside the plane, 21 kg granite stone. You have to remember how difficult is it today with the airline companies. But he had no obstructions at all.

All this clearly show, how Krishna values his pure devotees. Srila Suhotra Maharaja ki jai! If we would like to do something like this for our sense gratification, it would be so difficult. We would have to struggle so hard to accomplish. And finally Kusa das contributed another 385.00 EUR to pay the shipment fee for transportation to Mayapur.

Your servant
Kasya das