Transcendental Personalism


Vedic Answers for the Human Situation.

Man and fate: can we change the future, or are we slaves of the Wheel of Time represented as the zodiac? What is our purpose in the cosmos, and what is the true meaning of good and evil? Are there dimensions of personality beyond present human understanding?

Using the wisdom of ancient Vedic texts as its map, Transcendental Personalism-Vedic Answers for the Human Situation guides the reader through the weighty problem of mankind’s place in the mysterious scheme of the universe.

In thoughtful yet thankfully lucid language, Suhotra Swami now delves into more questions of cosmology, psychology, phenomenology, the powerful influence of myth even in our modern world, and the path back to the original Self beyond time.

ISBN 978-80-260-5893-9, 186 pages, Hardcover, Price: 6 EUR plus postage