Poetry 2001

Suhotra Swami

“Amazing” seems not word enough
To sketch all that you do,
But since “amazing” sings the Gita of
The pure soul, so do I of you.

All the more that you are Krsna’s tool
To save us from our plight—
You lift us, drowners, from the sucking pool
And lead us to His side.

Amazing is Your Divine Grace
That keeps us in its ken,
Even though we from your shelter race
To dive in maya again.

Amazing is your loving heart
In which Krsna, the blackish sun,
Shines forth, all darkness to depart,
Revealing the true sense of One:

Not One without devotion,
But One in tender flow
Of purified emotion
That only premanandis know.

Amazing are your books sublime
That spring forth from your love,
Exposing there’s no reason or rhyme
To materialistic bhav.

Amazing is the holy name
You sowed everywhere as did Gaura,
Immersing the world in Krsna’s fame
And opening up the door:

From samsara’s woes to the Lord’s abode
Where you welcome us in glory—
Amazing, Srila Prabhupada, O golden lode,
From where I mine this story!

Your servant,
Suhotra Swami