Poetry 1989

Suhotra Swami
It’s not enough

It’s not enough to eulogize, emotionalize, and with wet eyes
Apologize for all the tries that didn’t quite materialize.

It’s not enough to theorize, fantasize, and finally minimize
What Prabhupäda institutionalized to make us wise and realized.

It’s not enough to, eagle-eyed, legal-tie and constitutionalize,
Proclaiming, “Spontaneity must be sanitized, sterilized and

It’s not enough to be weary-wise, bleary-eyed, on the dreary side,
And shrug my shoulders and take no sides when another God brother
glides down the slide.

It’s not enough to find out why, expose the lie, and testify,
And politicize to get glorified, revolutionize to aggrandize.

It’s not enough to get analyzed, de-fanaticized, and normalized,
Nationalized and rationalize, “I’m more inspired to live outside.”

It’s not enough to synthesize, harmonize, and compromise,
And justify with the alibi that we need allies to increase our size.

It’s not enough to be internalized, self-hypnotized, and petrified,
and quietly hide in a bubble of pride, opposition safely neutralized.

It’s not enough to be mystified, Christified, and blisstified,
An acolyte who’s quite contrite, a glowing mite in Kali’s night.

It’s kind of tough cause I’m so demonized, but I’ll make my try
to be utilized
By Prabhupada, my eternal guide, and leave aside these unfortunate