Catalogue of lectures – Audio & Video

First we would like to thank all devotees, friends and our parents who have helped us to make the project of SUHOTRA MAHARAJA MEDIA MINISTRY possible. The Audio Ministry, now the biggest ever, includes five previous smaller Ministries. It features over 3800 recorded lectures, seminars, speeches and bhajans. The Video Ministry includes over 360 video lectures (either as MPG files or DVD). Both audio and video are systematically listed in the Catalogue.

The herculean task of converting the whole “Tape Ministry” with more than 3000 tapes into mp3 format took us almost three years (2001-2004). Now all the lectures, seminars and bhajans from years 1980 – 2007 that were recorded on the tapes or mini discs are easily available in this most convenient form.

We have also digitalized all available VHS tapes into MPG files. This job took us almost one year (2003-04). Also there is a lot of video material shot in the years 2003-04. Both mp3 and videos you can order from our Catalogue.

Video catalogue VCD: 1990 – 2004
Audio catalogue MP3: 1979 – 1992 | 1992 – 1996 | 1996 – 2000 | 2000 – 2003 | 2004
Music:       Bhajans

Here you can download the Catalogue in .xls (Excel) format. This catalogue was last updated: 20th November 2015. Download:


Please choose from the Catalogue mp3 and/or video lectures you are interested in and send us the list by e-mail to: After receiving your payment (see below) we will send you the links for downloading the files from Adrive cloud utility. If the amount of lectures is too large, we prefer to burn the compilation of your choice on DVD/CD and send it to you by post as soon as possible after we receive your money.


We do not have any fixed price table, as per the principle that sannyasis, brahmanas and their servants are to be satisfied with whatever donations and gifts they will receive. Depending on the amount of the lectures you choose, we can suggest you the amount we would be happy with, as all the contributions are 100 % used either for maintaining Suhotra Maharaja’s Archives or for publishing Maharaja’s books. You may consider how much you value the knowledge transmitted to you by Suhotra Maharaja or how much are you willing or able to support the above mentioned preaching efforts. Thus the ultimate decision on amount donated is up to you.

At present we offer these methods of sending us your donations (valid as of 15th June 2023):

a) sending to our PayPal account:

b) by bank transfer in EUR

  1. Payee’s account number (IBAN): CZ0455000000001017501914
  2. Payee’s name: Jiri Poncar
  3. Name of the beneficiary’s bank: Raiffeisenbank a. s.
  4. Swift code of the beneficiary’s bank, BIC: RZBCCZPP

c) by bank transfer in USD

  1. Payee’s account number (IBAN): CZ0655000000001018640561
  2. Payee’s name: Jiri Poncar
  3. Name of the beneficiary’s bank: Raiffeisenbank a. s.
  4. Swift code of the beneficiary’s bank, BIC: RZBCCZPP

Please be sure to write your name either within the Message field (in PayPal) or in the Payment order (bank transfer). This makes it easy to identify your payment.

Thank you and Hare Krishna.
your servant Vidyagati das (contact)