Stockholm, Sweden
17 October 2004

Tritiya Caitanyastaka
Third Composition of
Eight Prayers Glorifying Lord Caitanya
by Srila Rupa Gosvami


O Lord Caitanya, Your lotus feet are worshiped by the devoted jiva and other demigods. You are splendidly manifested in the best of cities, Jagannatha Puri. For the surrendered devotees You are a desire tree. O Sacinandana, O Mukunda, please be merciful to this great fool.


Neither the great incarnations (headed by Dattatreya and Vyasadeva) nor the great intellectuals, headed by Sarvabhauma Bhattcarya, can properly describe You. Who is more intelligent than You? I offer my respectful obeisances unto You. O Sacinandana, O Mukunda, please be merciful to this great fool.


The Upanisads did not reveal the jewel of pure devotional service, nor did the great incarnations describe it, yet You have now cast this priceless jewel into this world from the nectar ocean. O Sacinandana, O Mukunda, please be merciful to this great fool.


O Lord whose dancing in ecstatic love filled Siva with wonder, O Lord who revealed to the surrendered devotees the nectar of pure devotion, O Lord who cannot be understood by the proud egoists, O Sacinandana, O Mukunda, please be merciful to this great fool.


Out of Your great and splendid mercy You deliver even the low-born and sinful. This has made me very happy at heart, and thus I take shelter of You. O Sacinandana, O Mukunda, please be merciful to this great fool. 


You delight the bumblebees of Your surrendered devotees with the honey of the words trickling from Your lotus mouth. You are an ocean of the jewels of the holy names, which are auspicious for all people. O Sacinandana, O Mukunda, please be merciful to this great fool.


O moon-faced Lord, O Lord with glistening, wide-awake lotus-eyes, O Lord whose smile is a cluster of flowers, O Lord whose lips are handsome, O Lord whose chest is broad, O Lord whose arms are like two glorious snakes, O Lord as splendid as millions of Cupids, O Sacinandana, O Mukunda, please be merciful to this great fool.


O Lord as splendid as a golden ketaka flower, I am the most wicked person in the world. Still, even if a person is filled with a great host of faults, You do not see the slightest fault in him. For this reason, O Lord who is kind to the fallen, I worship You with a humble heart. O Sacinandana, O Mukunda, please be merciful to this great fool.


O festival of happiness for this world, O pleasure of the heart of Saci, O splendid moon of glory, O Supreme Personality of Godhead, please grant auspicious love for You to those persons who, their hearts rapt in meditation on Your footprints, read these eight verses.


If ya wanna live to see tomorrow,
Go to Deze Discussions,

Angaraka: On De Lawd's Holy Name website (, Brudda Dass, one of the most conservative, anti-free-opinion advocates of the RiWiVaiP (Right-Wing Vaisnava Party), claims that the word "kayiyi" is the apabhramsa form of kayaih ("these bodies") as found in this verse by Rupa:

sadopasyah sriman dhrta-manuja-kayaih pranayitam
vahadbhir gir-vanair girisa-paramesthi-prabhrtibhih
sva-bhaktebhyah suddham nija-bhajana-mudram upadisan
sa caitanyah kim me punar api drsor yasyati padam


Caitanya is the constant object of worship of devatas like Siva and Brahma, who come before him in the bodies of common men to offer him gifts of love. To his followers he gives instructions how to serve him. When will he again appear before my eyes?

Any comments from the host of rasikajanas on this really cool intellectual website of ours?

Budha: Don't know about that translation of yours, Angaraka. Seems pretty loose to me.

Angaraka: The translation spontaneously arose from my bhava. I'm sure you can relate to that, oh rasikajana Budha. (grin)

Budha:Well, bhava aside, you need to spend a semester or two in a good accredited Sanskrit course. I'd recommend Dr. Friedhelm Hardy's at Oxford, but he dropped dead in a restaurant, choking on a BLT. Je anilo prema donna, karuna pracura...

Chandra: Okay, okay you guys! Show the rest of us some consideration and settle down. Angaraka actually raised an interesting point in his original post. Yes, what is that fascist Brudda Dass going on about by relating "kayiyi" to kayaih? I think I know. "Kayiyi" is a word spoken twice among the final ravings of New York gangster Dutch Shultz on his deathbed in 1935. I quote:

Dutch Shultz, real name Arthur Flegenheimer, on his deathbed after being gunned down in the Palace Chop House in New Jersey.

Oh, Oh, dog Biscuit, and when he is happy he doesn't get snappy...Please, please do this! Henny, Henny, Frankie! You didn't meet him; you didn't even meet me; the glove will fit what I say...Oh, kayiyi, kayiyi! Sure, who cares? When are you through! How do you know this? Well, then...Oh, Cocoa; no... thinks he is a grandpa again and he is jumping around. No, Hoboe and Poboe I think I mean the same thing.

That's from the official transcript of the police stenographer who was at Shultz's bedside.

I'm convinced that what we're seeing here is a ploy on the part of the RiWiVaips and burly Brudda Dass to promote Dutch Shultz to their pantheon of saints. You can expect gangland-style assassinations of apostates to follow, once the Dutchman becomes Sri Dayitaya Sulabha or whatever!

Dutch Shultz, as played by Dustin Hoffman in the 1991 film Billy Bathgate.

Angaraka: You read my mind, Chandraji! I wondered if another rasikajana on our cool intellectual website had caught on to this RiWiVaip deification of the Dutchman!

Ketu:  My sweet Lord! You two are really reaching, don't you think? I'm no fan of Brudda Dass and RiWiVaip, but there's not the slightest hint on De Lawd's Holy Name that "kayiyi" has anything to do with Dutch Shultz, much less that Brudda and company plan to elevate him to sainthood, much MUCH less that assassinations will follow!

Chandra: Ho ho ho, look who's been sleeping at the wheel. Give it up, Ketu--either you're for us or part of the problem yourself.

Ketu:Get a life, Chandraji. This cool intellectual website is for freethinkers, not fall-into-liners. Next you'll be saying I should vote for Kerry if I am a real devotee!

Chandra: Ketu, when they find your bullet-ridden body in an alley, it'll be too late for you to admit I was right. I'm just worried about you, and all of us free-thinking rasikajanas on this cool intellectual website. We'll be the first on Brudda Dass's hit list once the Dutchman is pictured among the RiWiVaip guru-parampara, complete with halo.

Budha: In the transcript Chandra gave of Shultz's last words, there's this:

No, Hoboe and Poboe I think I mean the same thing.

Hoboe and Poboe sound a lot like otam-protam (see Bhag. 6.3.12). And they do mean almost the same thing!

Rahu: Dutch Shultz said a lot more in his final moments than what Chandraji quoted. Here's a few additional excerpts:

Please crack down on the Chinaman's friends and Hitler's commander. All right, I am sore and I am going to give you honey if I can. Look out. We broke that up. Mother is the best bet and don't let Satan draw you too fast.

Jimmie! The Chimney Sweeps. Talk to the Sword. Shut up, you got a big mouth! please come help me up, Henny. Max come over here... French Canadian bean soup...I want to pay, let them leave me alone...

Oh, Louie, didn't I give you my door bell? Everything you got, the whole bill. And did you come for your rest in the doctor's office, sir? Yes, I can see that. Your son-in-law, and he isn't liked, is he? Harry, does he behave? No; don't you scare me; my friends think I do a better job. Oh, police are looking for you all over; please be instrumental in letting us know. That wouldn't be here; they are Englishmen and they are a type I don't know who is best, they or us. Oh, sir, and get the doll a roofing. Please. You can play jacks, and girls do that with a soall and do tricks with it.

Meet my lady, Mrs. Pickford, and I'm sorry I acted that way so soon, already. Sure, it is no need to stage a riot. The sidewalk was in trouble and the bears were in trouble and I broke it up. Please; Oh, mamma! No knock to her, she didn't know. Look; that is it. She let her go the opposite. Oh, tell me. Please, put me in that room room; please keep him in control; my gilt-edge stuff, and those dirty rats have tuned in. Please, Mother, Mother, Mother, please, the reaction is so strong.

Ketu: What does this prove?


Rahu: The Dutchman spoke these words while facing death. Was he peering into the beyond and trying to enunciate what he saw? Was he in ecstacy of some kind? Actually, he was quite a religious man for a gangster. He converted to Catholicism on his deathbed and throughout his life called upon God when he hit rough times. He said, "The reaction is so strong." Was he talking about karma? Who's to say Dutch Shultz wasn't a saint?

Angaraka: Stop it, Rahu! You're spouting the RiWiVaiP line on our cool intellectual website. If you want to do that, go to De Lawd's Holy Name website.

Rahu: What, you tryna censor me, wise guy? Take dat!


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