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Timisoara, Romania
20 December 2004

I was called to Romania by Murari Krsna Prabhu. Its no exaggeration to say that he ordered me here. And here he wants me to stay until my health physical, mental, and spiritual is completely in order.

Murari Krsna Prabhu is a university professor of computing and cognitive science. He also teaches a course in psychology. I never thought of turning myself over to him, because was considering a guru ought not do that in relationship to a disciple. But he says, then you saved us, now let us save you.

I wont be writing nearly as much as before in this journal as I will be very engaged by the program he is devising for me. Anyway, there is so much already at this site to read, see, and do.

But from time to time Ill put an entry in to bring you up to date. If you like this website, then please pray for me. Hare Krsna! Jaya Prabhupada!

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