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Oulu, Finland
26 October 2004

I arrived in north Finland safely. Am with the devotees in a camping house. There is a preaching program tomorrow--expect a photo report the next day. We do have Net access in this town, fortunately. Hare Krsna!

Dawkins' Bright Idea

Writing in the Guardian ("The Future Looks Bright", 21 June, 2003) evolutionist Richard Dawkins had this to say:

Paul Geisert and Mynga Futrell, of Sacramento, California, have set out to coin a new word, a new "gay." Like gay, it should be a noun hijacked from an adjective, with its original meaning changed but not too much. Like gay, it should be catchy...Like gay, it should be positive, warm, cheerful, bright. Bright? Yes, bright. Bright is the word, the new noun. I am a bright. You are a bright. She is a bright. We are the brights. Isn't it about time you came out as a bright? Is he a bright? I can't imagine falling for a woman who is not a bright. The website suggests numerous intellectuals and other famous people are brights...A bright is a person whose world view is free of supernatural and mystical elements. The ethics and actions of a bright are based on a naturalistic world view...You can sign on as a bright at

OK, so atheists and evolutionists shall henceforward be known as brights. I am all for it. Really. Because bright already has a non-dictionary connotation, namely: stupid. When I was in school, dummies were called bright boys and dumb ideas were called bright ideas. This is long-standing usage, at least in America. Listen to this, its from 1946:

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