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Dnepropetrovsk, the Ukraine
11 September 2004

ISKCON Dnepropetrovsk

The only excuse for my repetitive poses in the outdoor pictures that follow is that the rainy season is on here--so when late yesterday afternoon the sky cleared up as the sun was nearing the horizon, I called to Premavanya to grab the camera and come with me to get some shots. Except for that brief period of time yesterday while the sun went down, the weather in Dnepropetrovsk has been constantly dark, cold and rainy.


Here I'm standing in front of the guest house where I have been staying. It is a surprisingly comfortable facility. When I was in Kiev I caught a chest cold, so my stay in Dnepropetrovsk has been largely dedicated to recovering from this illness. The nice, quiet living quarters were quite helpful in this regard. All glories to the ISKCON Dnepropetrovsk devotees for their kindness in letting me stay there.
Having left the guest house area, I've now stepped onto the temple grounds.


Next, I've come to the entrance of the Govinda's restaurant, which stands close to the temple building.
At the entrance to the temple.


I've returned to the restaurant area. Now I am seated with the temple president, Vibhuti-sakti Prabhu, on the front terrace.
We've gone inside. Some fifty to one hundred customers eat at the restaurant every day.


About an hour and a half later, I walk with disciple Dvijata Pujaka to the temple. He has his residence and medical practice in this city.
I take darsan of the Deities: Sri-Sri Gaura-Nitai and Sri-Sri-Sri Jagannatha-Baladeva-Subhadra are worshiped.


Evening class in Dnepropetrovsk temple.

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