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Timisoara, Romania
12 August 2004

Timisoara Transcendence



Initiation ceremony: Visnu-rahasya Prabhu receives his brahmana thread.


The Deities worshiped in ISKCON Timisoara, Romania.


Classes and programs in Timisoara. With me in both photos is HG Murari Krsna Prabhu, Professor of Computer Science at the Technical University of Timisoara. He is a great help to this In2-MeC website!


My Salagram silas as seen in the Timisoara temple.


Click on the webaddress below. This is a goodlooking site that nicely presents Gita philosophy. The persons behind the site seem circumspect about their identities.

http://s3. invisionfree. com/Kirtan_Forum/index. php?showtopic=6


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