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On the way to Mangalore, India
25 March 2004
A Worm's-Eye View

Here in the dust
At the lotus feet
What better place to be.

Neglected by lust
Anger and greed
Their distain setting us free

For service so pure
Our nature divine
That the Lord enjoys, so kind!

Distress to endure
With an obedient mind
Is nectar only a worm can call "mine."

Name and fame
Fool's paradise
Pray we're hidden in this dust from their eyes.

Krsna's name
Sadhu sastra so wise
Keep us lowly, save us from lies.

Bhakti creeper's root
In Prabhupada dust
Growing strong to seek as it must

The way back to Home
Where Krsna we trust
Will take our fruit, leaving aside the husk.

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