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ISKCON Salem, Tamil Nadu, India
19 March 2004

I wrote yesterday's entry in a burst of inspiration. After I sent it to In2-MeC I noticed some errors in the text. These are now corrected. If you read the 18 March entry on that same day, you'll need to go back and look at it again.

It seems, though, that many visitors to In2-MeC do not read the entries as they come out; they get to them days or even weeks later. I'm told by some readers that I'm too prolific to keep up with. Well, since I travelled from Govardhana to Mayapur, and thereafter came down here to Salem, I wasn't able to sit down and really write until yesterday. (Well, I did sit down recently to write a couple of poems; but the poems I write tend to be short.) In Mayapur and Salem I continued to publish entries almost daily in here in In2-MeC, but those were mostly photo reports.

We'll be winding up our visit to Salem in a few days. Thereafter we'll go to Mangalore, Udipi, Gokarna and Belgaum. We'll not stay at any of these places for more than a few days. Next stop after Belgaum is Kolhapur, where I promised to stay 10 days. Then we'll head in the direction of Mumbai, making a few short stops on the way.

It is likely that during this period the entries here will be photo reports with minimal text. Anyway, these In2-MeC photo reports attract letters of appreciation. I even got a letter thanking me for publishing the photos of the dead centipede. It came from a fellow named Lenny Dawson who can't stand the little buggers. Here's another photo report:

On the way to Pakoda Point, a hilltop holy place outside of Salem.

Near the top of Pakoda Point is this temple of Lord Visnu.


The gopuram features the Lord in His different lilas.


A large lizard.

Martanda and friends.


At the very top of Pakoda Point is a small Sita-Rama temple.

The Deities of Sri-Sri Sita-Rama.


Rocana and Hanuman.

Rocana and Martanda assume the roles of Jaya and Vijaya at the Pakoda Point Sita-Rama temple.


Starting the seminar on 19 March; HH Bhaktivikasa Maharaja blesses us with his auspicious presence.

Today I spoke on the basic difference between mundane and transcendental religion/philosophy.


Startpage development continues. Have you seen and heard the Divine Couple animation? It's lovely. You run it from the startpage ( I leave it to you to find the hyperpoint that you need to click to get Divine Couple going. All right, here's a hint: move your cursor around the upper right corner of the page until it becomes a hand. After the weekend there will probably be yet another animation that you can run by clicking somewhere on the startpage.

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