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Wellington, New Zealand
18 November 2003

Two Letters to In2-MeC


All glories to Srila Prabhupada! PAMHO-- this is Hasyygrami Das electronically accessing you. A very warm remembrance of VJ from you. Thanks so much. I love travelling to those times and places on the vehicle of our fellow devotees memories, let us all write those pastimes for the benefit of each other.

A bunch of stuff:: I probabally told you my first VJ dream at some time in the past, this came to me shortly after the devotees returned from India without Maharaja and I and lots of us were in some anxiety/dislocation

---Where's Visnu Jana? What? He dissappeared from Mayapura? We're never gonna see him again?..........

Anyway, I dreamed I saw him (at some undefined location it seemed to be a temple in outer space or at least not any temp i had been to) and he was wearing very unusual garments--can't describe but they were shiny and bright like a costume/uniform--he then spoke to me these two sentences: You should know that service to Radha and Damodara is eternal. Therefore there is never a time when I am not serving Radha and Damodara. I remember that very clearly, those words.

Now, there have been other dreams, with Srla Prabhupada and withVJ in all kinds of other circumstances, some glorius, some cruddy, but that one was what I see as my "farewell, prabhu". I am quite sure we will be together again in the purified future, all of us actually, with Srla Prabhupada..I don't see how it could be otherwise..


I must commend you for Aug. 3rd writing; it touches, exactly the point. That there is no perfection(s), to be attained in and i quote: "the politics of mind-numbing committee meetings, monotonous Internet discussions, dry, interminable position papers, or bombastic proclamation-declarations."; but rather perfection is found in love of Krsna. And said love is attained, in this age of Kali, only by the ahaituki-apratihata performance of Harinam Sankirtan. ALL difficulties, individually and collectively(Iskcon), have arisen from the abandonment of such and can be corrected by the re-adoption of said.

Thanking you for your service, truthfulness, honesty and frankness; and hoping this finds you and yours well.

Radha-Govinda dasa

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