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ISKCON Helsinki, Finland
13 September, 2003

Like Birds, These Words

Like birds, these words
Racing across the sky of the heart...
Flames of orange and blue in wings
That drum behind blossoms of song.

Not always beautiful,
Words can cry like lapwings of doom
"Bewitched, bewitched"--
The souls of men never to rest
Trapped inside these tiny forms.

Dove, dove,
Bird of love...
The Word from above is
The Devil is unable
To guise himself so.
Some words are ever so pure.

Like birds, these words
We take service from
But yet, are we not never their masters?
What is a bird in a cage
What is a word on a page
But a thing ever untamed?
Given its chance
It flees
Leaving you but a jot on its horizon.

Illusion's root is to presume
The words that roost within the room
Where the mind wiles away
Are our own to control and enjoy.

They don't need us.
We need them.
"Every word a name of God."
--Vedanta-sutra 2.3.15

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