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Lutotin Preaching Center, Czech Republic
20 July 2003

Charming Confidental Talks Between Balarama and Lord Krsna
from Visnu Purana

Baladeva to Sri Krsna:
kim idam devadevesa bhavo 'yam manusas tvaya
vyajyate 'tyantam atmanam kim anantam na vetsi yat
What is this, O supreme God of gods? You are going too far in manifesting human-ness. Do You not know that You are eternal? [VP 5. 7. 35]
Krsna to Sri Balarama:
kim ayam manusyo bhavo vyaktam evavalambyate
sarvatman sarvaguhyanam guhyaguhyatmana tvaya
Why have you taken up this apparent human condition? You are the Universal Self. Your true identity is the most secret of all secrets. [VP 5. 9. 23]

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