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ISKCON Skopje, Macedonia
3 July, 2003

The beginning of civilization is the cultivation of food. Human beings are different from animals in that they know how to combine natural elements--sunlight, water, air, earth, and fruit-, vegetable-, nut-, and sugar-bearing seeds to produce food. Human beings know how to protect cows and non-violently take their milk for the production of so many wonderful dairy products. Animals do not know how to produce food. They either eat fresh grass and plants right off the ground or they eat other animals. "Uncivilized" means wild, without culture, without knowledge, and without scriptures. Lack of civilization has become fashionable in modern times. Young people like to dress slovenly in raggedy old blue jeans. Blue jeans were invented in America in the 1800s to be worn by uncultured farm-sudras who had to shovel manure all day onto the cotton fields. It used to be shameful to be seen wearing blue jeans; it meant you were low-class. But people today glory in being low-class. Modern youth like to be "free"--which means to be ignorant of their cultural heritage and to have no religion or philosophy. Young people throw away their God-given human intelligence into artificial technology like computers, cell telephones, automobiles, and a host of other gadgets. The diet of such neo-barbarians is "fast food. " Just grab something and gobble it down while you are doing something else, like driving a car, talking on the phone, or skateboarding. Especially it means a diet of hamburgers, hot dogs, roast beef sandwiches, and french fries cooked in animal grease. Eat and run. No care about where the food comes from. There is even a web site for "Sinkies," people who snatch food out of their refrigerator and gobble it down over the kitchen sink. The crumbs fall into the sink; after eating you wash your hands in the sink and the crumbs go down the drain. Sinkies don't have the self-control to even sit down at a table. This is animalism. Think about how much care devotees put into preparing, offering, and honoring prasadam. Ideally the raw produce and milk should also have been cultivated by devotees. That's what is nice about the Czech Yatra. All of the grains baked into bread products by the Nitai Bakery were grown on the Czech farm. Not only grown, but milled into flour there, on one of the only three stone mills in the whole country. Vegetarianism represents a more developed state of culture than meat-eating, which is just "kill it and grill it" barbarism. Vegetarians have to take more care in cultivating and preparing their food. Devotees have the highest standard of civilization, because we take more care than anyone about diet. That is a fact. Vegans and macrobiotics don't prepare food for God. They just eat for themselves. Eating for yourself is already a step closer to "eat and run" animalism. Though vegans and macrobiotics are proud to be vegetarians, they are not as civilized as devotees. Eat and run. Run to build skyscrapers, which are like huge concrete wasps' nests. Hotels, night clubs, cinemas, telephones, automobiles, and airplanes--this is not civilization. Especially when the airplanes take off to drop bombs on other skyscrapers, night clubs, hotels, and cinemas. Eat and run. Run to pass stool. In a city of five million people, five million pounds of stool are passed every day. Where does it all go? Cats dig a little hole in the ground, but human beings have bigger brains, so we have pipes encased in the walls of our big skyscrapers to carry the stools down from the toilet bowls into the vast network of sewage canals beneath the city. You can pass stool nicely down a technologically-perfected toilet hole even as you ride in a bus or a train. Even while you fly your stealth bomber to drop bombs on Iraq you can pass stool very comfortably. Modern "culture" is simple a very sophisticated arrangement for gobbling down huge amounts of sinful foodstuffs and passing huge amounts of stool. See what the vegetarian diet for the last days of Kali-yuga will be like:

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