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New Ekachakra, Abranovche (near Preshov), Slovakia
11 June, 2003

Prague, 9 June morning

Me, Prahlad Nrsimha and family
During my stay in Prague, I lived here at the
home of Prahlada Nrsimha and family. We
are about 12 minutes drive from the
ISKCON temple in Zlicin.
Nitai Bakery

   Before departing Prague for Slovakia,
   I visit the Nitai Bakery's production kitchen,
   located in the village of Cherveny Ujezd
   (not far from Zlicin). Panasa Prabhu briefs
   me on the booming business of bread-baking;
   the Prague devotees now have two bakery
   shops in the city and are looking for a third.

a castle in Cherveny Ujezd  With Prahlada Nrsimha Prabhu
 (manager of Nitai Bakery), his wife
 Adhika-daya dd and daughter
 Narayani dd, I visit a castle in
 Cherveny Ujezd. The place looks
 as if it is from the Middle Ages and
 is constructed in the authentic
 Gothic style, but it is only a couple
 of years old! It was built for tourists
 by a Czech millionaire who is a
 customer of Nitai Bakery. Fresh
 bread-prasadamand other items
 are sold at the castle's restaurant.

ISKCON Bratislava, Slovakia, 9 June evening

Bhagavad-gita class  Bhagavad-gita class at the Bratislava
 preaching center.

On route to New Ekachakra, 10 June

On route to New Ekachakra

 After Srimad-Bhagavatam class
 Vidyagati Prabhu and I were driven
 to New Ekachakra, located in the
 village of Abranovche outside of
 Preshov. The drive took five hours,
 which is amazing since Slovakia is
 such a small country. But as you can
 see, the landscape is mountainous;
 thus the roads are tortuous.

New Ekachakra temple room

 Darshan of Sri-Sri Panchatattva and
 Sri Bala-gopal at New Ekachakra.
 My Shila altar is set up in the temple
 room here. My puja starts at 3:30;
 at 5:00 the devotees have mangala-
for Panchatattva. After Tulsi-
 puja I do the nitya-homa for the

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