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Amsterdam, The Netherlands
12 May 2003

Besides giving classes in the temple this past weekend, Vidyagati Prabhu and I have been engaged in a digital photography marathon, like the one I did in Mayapur with Madhu Puri Prabhu. Vidya and I have photoed, compressed, and saved to disk some 18 books so far. There are still 24 more to do. Today is holy Ekadasi; this evening I have a university program. We'll do no more today in the way of book photography.  But tomorrow the effort will continue, hopefully with the help of a second camera provided by a friend.
The series of essays, "The Transcendental Psychology of the Srimad-Bhagavatam," is dependent upon my getting many of these books onto disk. So I haven't been doing any further writing in this area since completing the last (the second) essay. But I've had some interesting discussions on the subject of Bhagavata psychology during question-answer sessions after class. And it has come up during personal talks with devotees. So the project continues to perculate!

The shila-worship that I do here in Bhakta Michael's flat is a daily dose of nectar. There will be more here in In2-MeC about that shortly! And stay tuned for reports plus photos of the upcoming university programs.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada, and I hope your Ekadasi will be transcendentally fruitful!

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