Greek Mythology
by Sofia A. Souli


A History of Christianity
by Paul Johnson
This text preseents the failures and achievement of one of the most influential religions of all time.

The Way of the Ascetics: The Ancient Tradition of Discipline and Inner Growth
by Tito Colliander
A beautiful composition, simplistic yet pure, manifesting the thought,vision and life of early christian ascetics. Drawing upon scripture, andrelating this to everyday life experience, one understands that thechristian faith was from it’s genesis a “way of life”, and that as livingwitnesses, the ascetics aimed to impart this in their everyday livesthrough reading scripture, prayer, fasting and ultimately loving thosearound them, as a declaration of their love for Christ. This text isilluminating, aimed at strengthening ones’ spirituality; one strives tobecome a better person, and ultimately look for the good within eachindividual. As a living experience, one is aware of a serenity thatpervades ones’ heart and comforts the soul, with the effect that lifetakes on a new meaning.


Kukai: Major Works (Translations from the Asian Classics)
by YS Hakeda


The Adi-Buddha
By Kanai Lal Hazra