6th June 2001 - Angry Indra & Supreme Chastiser

Dear devotees! PAMHO! AGTSP! AGTGM!

Sofia temple is located in an older house with few flats. The templeroom,
kitchen and brahmacari asram are situated in the basement. At first it was a
little shock for me to see it, especially the brahmacari asram. It consist of
two rooms for living (under the earth level and only with small windows), in
one room (3x2m) are living two and in the bigger one (3x4m) four devotees. There
is also WC and technical room with all kinds of pipes, which is converted into
bathroom. In summer there is quite hot and in the winter cold. So the devotees
who are living hrer are really austere.

Immidiatelly after arrival GM did his puja. Then I have cooked for him. He
didn't give a lecture because he felt very tired after the journey. In the
evening I reminded him that tomorow is Bhima nirjala ekadasi and he
matter-of-factly replaid: "Oh, yes."

But the other day in the morning I still have made him his tea, because I was
a little spaced-out. He drank it and than said me, that it was still OK that I
have brought him, because it was before sunrise, so one still can take a little
water without breaking the fast. But he had asked me for removing the fruits
and water from his room, just in case he would forget.

Then he went down to give a 45 min talk on SB 6.17.8. He began right away
with narrating the story from Mahabharata about King Pandu
killing a deer couple engaged in sex. Actually they were great sage and his
wife, who, after severe austerity in the forest, by dint of their mystic power
changed their forms into that of deers in order to enjoy themselves
intimatelly. GM explained, how great personalities
can do such things (which for ordinary people means falldown) and still they
don't commit a sin or fall down from their exalted position. At the end he said
that he really wants to give evening lecture also, but doesn't know if he will
be able.

In the evening he spoke on BG 2.59. He explained the three elements of the
body according to Ayurveda. He explained that all this is meant just for
maintaining the life in the mode of goodness. But this mundane platform that's
not enough. We must follow do's & don'ts and mainly hear transcendental sound
in order to remain there and eventually raise to visuddha sattva. Then he
compared sahajiyas to those, who beat unripped mango in order to make it seem
to be rippen (i.e. soft), but this is just cheating. They don't follow any
regs, but still consider themselves to be very advanced in DS. The mango seems
to be soft, but it is just spoiled by beating.

Monday June 4. Today GM spoke on SB 6.17.10.He explained, that to criticize
his superiors is a pitfall for neophyte devotees. (This is in connection with
the story of Citraketu & Lord Siva embracing his wife Parvati in the assembly
of the sages.) This is a symptom of utsaha maya or enthusiasm without humility.
The new devotee thinks himself to be so advanced, that he can do whatever he
likes and there will not be any reaction, because he is a devotee. SP explains,
that the demigods fall into the category of materialistic devotees, and are
therefore very prone to fall victim to this utsaha maya. GM gave as an example
Indra, who once had illicit sexual connectiom with Ahalya, the wife of great
sage Gautama Rsi. As a result Indra was cursed by him to loose his manhood.
When Indra has returned to heavenly planets, he was very much embarrased,
because he had to explain the whole situation to the demigods. GM: "...and
there are many other stories with Indra, how he creates problems for himself.
So here, what more is to be said...?" and he laughed.

Around 10 am I had to go with Indrasena p. to registrate GM and myself here
in Bulgaria. For foreigners it is now required, when they stay here for more
than one week. When we were on the way back, it began to rain, but very
heavily. It lasted for maybe 40 minutes. It appeared as if Indra was showing
his anger that he was laughted at in the morning lecture.

On Tuesday GM was not feeling very well, so he fasted for a whole day. At
noon I just have cooked for silas. In the evening GM asked for baked potatoes.
But he didn't give any lecture today.

Wednesday June 6. Today another funny coincidence happened. When GM has sat
down on the vyasasan and began to chant Jaya Radha Madhava, Jagganath Misra pr. tried to give
him a garland, but somehow felt unsure (GM didn't seem to wait for him), so he
withdrew it back. While the devotees responded to the chant, GM leaned to
Madhva p. and said: "Somebody else should do this!" After the chanting GM asked
laughingly Jagi befofe everyone: "I just cannot understand this, first you want
to give me a garland, then you withdraw it. Madhva also does like this. What
kind of lila is this? Can you explain to me?" While Jagi tried to say
something, GM asked: "So today you are not going to give me a garland?" Jagi
could not grasp the point yet, but finally he gave him the garland and said: "I
am sorry, I though that it's too late...It's because of my madness..." And GM
told him: "I just want to let you know that all these things are only in your

He then told the story how small Nimai three times ate the offerings of
travelling brahmana, who was invited to the house of Jagganatha Misra.( Today's
verse was about how Mother Parvati chastised Citraketu for his words, but it
was done as if mother chastises her child for his benefit.) GM than narrated
how Jagganath Misra (the original one), chastised Nimai for doing this. He
explained that although Krsna is the Supreme Chastiser (He can chastise
anybody), still, out of His kindness He agrees to be chastised by His loving
parents (as Nimai or as Lord Krsna).

So we have seen today, how GM lovingly chastised his disciples for their
benefit. (N.B. Written with kind permission of Jagganatha Misra Pr.)

ys vgd

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