3rd September 2001 - ...GM in Finland Continues


GM came back to Finland on Sat.26th. Tattvavada prabhu was driving him and
we others were waiting him outside the temple and had a kirtan for him.

GM had pain in his knee and he didn`t give the evening class.

Morning class was from SB 1.16.22. Verse and purport is dealing with the
symptoms of the Kali-yuga, specially connected to controlling and regulating
the needs of the body.

GM started by referring to the Bg 16.23, and among many points he spoke
about the danger of neglecting the scriptural rules and regulations, how it
is actually the meaning of these rules to discourage sense gratification by
making it difficult and mentioned how there is not ultimately much
difference between licit and illicit sense gratification since both bring us
under the control of the senses.

At the end GM also spoke how Srimati Radharani is the origin of the
spiritual rules, vidhi, and the importance of taking shelter at Her lotus

In question part we asked about engaging our passion into preaching mission.
GM gave a long answer, strongly emphasizing the importance of rising to the
mode of goodness and becoming steady in devotional service.

Radhastami festival lecture was from CC.M.8.166.
Spiritual energy is always expanding and although these previous lectures
were already excellent and extatic, this one was in the category of "even
more perfect."

After very sweet bhajans GM started by explaining the transendental nature
of Lord`s appearence and how it is totally in different category compared to
our coming in here by force.

GM compared our philosophy, acintya-bhedabeda tattva, to a diagram, which
you can find from the the textbooks of psychology, where there is a form
which can be seen either as a two faces or as a one vase. But the mind
cannot see them both at the same time. Similarly, this philosophy of ours
is not to be reached by mundane mind and logic. It is logical, but in a
transcendental way. He also compared Srimati Radharani to a sunshine, without
sunshine you cannot know the sun, similarly you cannot know Krsna without
Sri Radha.

I just conclude that the lecture was excellent, very philosophical and deep
and all the devotees glorified it. In a question part one indian gentleman
made several questions, in a positively challenging manner, quoting verses
from BG etc. GM quoted even more slokas and answered very expertly all the

...After this wonderful lecture there was interview for one magazine.
We had a realization how you can learn much from externally small things
from Guru Maharaja. It was quite short discussion with basic questions:
"How you became a monk? Has it been difficult?
Do you identify yourself more a hindu or a Hare Krsna?"
But GM was so gentle and so enthusiastic. "What specially impressed you on
Bhaktivedanta Swami?"
Answer to this question especially remained in my mind.

GM told how in the first time when he met Srila Prabhupada, he had a service
to bring some fruits to him, while Srila Prabhupada was sitting on the
vyasasana. GM was very nervous, Prabupada was speaking with his eyes closed,
"good, he doesn`t see me." GM was there a little bit behind Prabhupada.
But GM was recognized,"Oh, you give me some fruits...".

GM said although this was externally small incident, he had always
remembered how personally Prabhupada was dealing with him and recognizing
him. When we were listening to this discussion we got a realization that
this is also one of the excellent qualities of our GM, like for example with
this mataji doing the interview, so politely, so enthousiastically
answering to her questions.

Also we had the same feeling during the visit of GM. Although we are not so
excellent and although everything could be done much more nicely,if we would
just seriously try our best to serve him, GM is also dealing with us in a very
personal way.

Bhakti Acyuta-priya dd was again doing some of the cookings for GM. We haven`t
heard the statements of GM, but the opinion of the brahmacaries of our
temple is that her cookings has nothing to do with this material world.

For Monday morning there was arranged a phone darsan between Guru Maharaja
and Ph.D Sulocana Meyer-Rochow, one nice Indian lady, living in the north
part of Finland. Bh. Jani, who besides being our leading book distributor at
present, is also our technical expert, had arranged that devotees were
able to listen the discussion in temple room while GM was on the phone in
our temple office.

Although GM was not feeling very well in the morning, he gave this darsan.
Questions connected to the latest book of GM.
It last some 1/2 hour, but there are some questions which were asked during
this MOST INTERESTING discussion:

"Is the conception of good and evil an illusion?","In this world its not
easy to find a person who knows what Krsna has said. Can you say how can I
find him?","How karma and destiny are influencing us?","How consciousness is
connected to the self-esteem?","It is said that mostly we can hear the voice of
self-esteem. If anyway we don`t listen to it, this voice will get more quiet and
finally disappears. What the Vedas say about that?", what it means" The
Moral universe"?.
Sorry, we cannot write everything here but it is recorded.

After this GM took some small breakfast from the Deity-maha-prasadam in
midday just before leaving to the airport.
Again we had small but enthusiastic kirtan and driven by Tattvavada we went
to the airport.

I usually try to ask all the questions bothering me in the classes while GM is
visiting, but this time I had an interesting realization that most of my
questions were answered while reading "Prabhupada Appreciation".

I still had one thing in my mind and GM mercifully aswered while we were
walking to check in:
"In Prabhupada Appreciation it is said how we can become fully purified by
serving Srila Prabhupada. Can you give us some meditations and more details
how to do this in better way?"

GM (from my memory): "...purity is needed...true qualities must be there.
Intelligence, enthusiasm, determination - all these have to be there. And
one must know that these qualities come only by mercy.
One must pray to Srila Prabhupada to develop these qualities..."

By the grace of Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga, besides Guru Maharaja there is
quite several sannyasis and senior preachers visiting regularly in Finland
and the flight of HH.Prabhavisnu Swami had just arrived when we came to
airport. Sadhus had a jolly discussion before GM went to his plane and
towards next destinations.

Srila Guru Maharaja ki jaya!!!!

Your servant Muniraja das

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