31st July 2001 - About Salagrams

Dear devotees! PAMHO! AGTSP! AGTGM!

Better late than never! I have
remembered few thinks which I
want to share with you before l
forget them.
This one will not be a systematic
description, but just a mixture of
various incidents which I was part


Once I have asked what standard is
there for worship of his silas, if one
needs to be second-initiated. . He
told me that
"...of course you need. And for
cooking also." In the beggining of the week
in Prague I had two days off and
Kamala Carana
was doing instead of me. Because he
doesn't have a second initiation, GM
suggested that if I will not be
around he can offer
to Them. Next day when I came into
his room, I have noticed that Sri
Jagganath-Sudarsan doesn't have His
sticky eyes but has painted ones instead.
And next day the same was with Sri
Jagganath. So I have asked GM why it
was so. And GM has
explained to me that actually he
never liked these sticky eyes, especially
for Jagganath, because they looked
as "fishy eyes".
But now with the painted ones it
can be clearly seen that He is Jagganath.
"And anyway, I have lost one eye
for Jagganath- Sudarsan,
so I will not use them anymore."
And now They look even more beautiful.

He has also taught me how to put
Them to sleep. It's very easy. I just
have to put another cushion in
front of Them (as a blanket), close the whole
altar (which means to cover it with
a harinam chadar) and bow down. One day
in Radhadesh he called me and told
me: "Take a notebook and pen and come
with me." So I was curious what is
his intention. He went to the boutique
(shop with various devotional
paraphernalia) and he choose some special
items for his worship. He has just
shown me what he wants and then he went
away. These things were: a nice
red-colored bowl which will be new
simhasana for salagrams (which
matches very nicely with new cushions which
Mataji Syamala sewed for Them in
Slovakia), a very small simhasana for his
similarly very small Deity of Lord
Nrsimhadeva, some ornaments and insense
for Them. And the most funny item
was a new set of eating plate with a cup ,
three bowls and a spoon. The funny
thing is that it is REALLY SMALL - each
bowl has about only 8 milimeters in
diameter. So before I was using them for
the first time for an offering, I
have asked GM how shall I put the
preparations there. GM told me just
to cut from each vegetable or fruit very
small piece and put it inside. And
from the capaties I have to torn off just
a small piece also. It seems me to
be funny and because I was afraid that the
bowls could be lost, I have bought
a small metal box for them.


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