28th September 2003 - GM's schedule

Dear Godbrothers and sisters, please accept our humble obeisances. All
glories to Srila Prabhupada, all glories to Guru Maharaja!

GM arrived to Finland few days before the Janmastami. About 500 people were
celebrating Sri Krishna's birthday. After the festivals He went to
Odessa festival and from there to Stockholm via Helsinki. He had just the
transit in Helsinki over the night. He was celebrating Radhastami on the
Hare Krishna center in Stockholm and given lectures every morning and

After that He took the flight to Oslo and was staying five days there.
After coming back to Helsinki was giving the seminar about the
transcendental psychology in Helsinki temple, every day one session.
Then we went to Estonia for three and an half days (18.-21.9) and He gave
seven lectures, one in the university of Tarto. The title was "What is

Just now we are on the middle of the university preaching tour in the north
Finland, Oulu Rovaniemi (Lappland) which is guite a farmost corner.
Actually this Oulu is a good city for preaching. Very nice appreciation and
warm welcome from the colleges and the university. Just after arrival GM gave
the lecture at the university of Oulu in the educational department about the
education in the vedic India, mostly from the moral perspective. The students
will become teachers. One PhD in geology come to GM's darsan the next
day here in our hut.

There was the lecture in the IB-collage about the TOK - theory of
knowledge. During the weekend He'll give lectures to our preaching team,
like He has done also during the week. Today both morning SB and sunday
feast lectures.

There has been many nice exchanges with the teachers and students, maybe we
will write some of those a little later if there is a little more time.
Next week we'll travel up to Rovaniemi, the real Lappland. There will be
lecture in the university of Lappland (30.9.) - about the transcendental
psychology, Next day in the international - college IB - the foundations of
the civilisation.

On Tuesday (2.10) there will be the public preaching program in Oulu main
library, Kastelli-collage invited Him to give a lecture about ethics just
before the flight will departure to Helsinki on Friday.

During the weekend He'll give lectures in the Helsinki temple and take lunch
in Bhrigu-muni's home. PhD Kimmo Ketola has invited Him to lecture in the
University of Helsinki - comparative religion department on Wednesday 8th
Oct. The normal collage of the Tampere university will be the next day.

Bh. Jani has been filming many of those lectures, please have a great fun
with those lectures.

Your servant
Tattvavada das

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