27th May 2001 - GM in Timisoara

Haribol! AGTSP! AGTGM!

Friday May 25. After GM did his puja and yajna, Murari Krsna p. picked
up GM at 11.30 am and they went to some alternative doctor with his knee.
The doctor is a little weird guy, but his methods are working. Usually he
charges different rates, depending who is coming to him (i.e. Romanian or foreigner).
Mataji Syamala in advance explained to him, that GM is a monk and that he
should do it free of charge for him. He agreed, but when he saw GM, he told
her: "He is not..." "What are you talking about? I do not understand you..."
"He is not..." "I don't follow your..." "He is not a monk... He looks very
intelligently. He must be from C.I.A. But anyway, I like him..."

The doctor fixed some small copper pieces on GM's knee and he is supposed.
to have them there for two days. When GM has returned, I cooked a dahl with
brocoli, peppers and green peas for him. He wanted to offer it to
salagrams, but after a while he came to the kitchen window and told me:
"Actually, I want to chant my rounds. Please, you offer to Them. Before
offering you just sprinkle the bhoga with water, then ring the bell and say
the mantras. And bow down, that's all. After you finish, you sprinkle the
place with water." I was very happy to do this service for him.
After I finished the offering, I brought the prasadam to GM. He enjoys
taking his meals in the garden, sitting behind plastic garden table, which
Murari Krsna pr. bought especially for him. While eating he called on me:
"These peppers are exactly it! Make sure we have more of them!", reffering
to fresh hot peppers which Visnu Rahasya bought in the market.

Than at 6 pm he went into the temple room to sing short kirtan and to
give his first lecture here since we have arrived. He spoke on BG 4.36. He
mentioned how everyone in the material world is apapi, or sinful person and
while he was saying this he was looking on me with penetrating eyes and
light smile on his face. Once again during the lecture he was mentioned
this and again his eyes somehow rested on me. He was again speaking about
purification of mind and how to avoid a flip from viveka buddhi to papa
buddhi (or this "I don't care" mentality). He said that the process of
sadhana bhakti is already there - so the only question left is 'Do we want
to become pure?'. (to be continued)

ys Vidyagati das

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