24th May 2001 - GM's journey to Timisoara

Dear devotees. PAMHO!AGTSP!AGTGM!!!

Wednesday May 23. I was waked up by some devotees at 3.20 am, because GM was
calling me into his room. He told me:"I am feeling sick today. I will not give
a lecture today (yesterday he said yes), please make me a nettle tea. These
darsans can be. Let them come at the same time as yesterday,that is 9.30."
So I attended morning program, mangala arati for Their Lordships Sri Sri
Dayal Nitai Vijay Gauranga. They are very very beautiful and distribute Their
mercy very freely.

After GM had finished his puja, he called me in to clean the paraphernalia.
He said: "Today it must be shiny." So I washed and polished them very
precisely. After the darsans were over GM called me in and I had to packed
all the things. He told me every detail what I should do now, in this he is
very precise. There were also two handy bags and he wanted me to pack his
walkman and quite a big number of tapes into the smaller one and then this into
the bigger one. I thougt It will not fit in, but GM said:"Don't worry, it will
fit in nicely and you also are better than me in this art of packing things
together." So I did it and it fitted in nicely. Then somebody knocked on the
door, so I opened and there stood Murari Krsna Prabhu. I looked at my watch
and was a little bit surprised, because he was supposed to come at 12am but
now was 11am. He went into GM's room ansd explained this, because in Romania
the time is shifted one hour forward. Than we had all things transferred to
the car, where Sri Caitanya pr was waiting also. He was accompaniying Murari
Krsna pr. just in case something would happen during the journey. Antardhi pr
& company had shaken up abot 7 liters of buttermilk for GM to have a stock.

Then GM went to the car, accompanied by small kirtan. The journey was swift.
Just before borders GM had changed his clothes. He took on a black set of
sportclothes. There were no problems at the borders.

It appears that Romania is really poor country. The roads are old, the houses
are old, the cars are old and so on... Also you can see people driving the
horse carts instead of cars. There are few cow eating grass here and there near
the roads. (to be continued)

ys Vidyagati das

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