22nd May 2001 - Initiations Issue

Dear devotees, PAMHO< AGTSP!

Regarding GM's initiations: GM told me some points.
He had N E V E R said he will not again initiate anyone in the future.
But at the present moment he doesn't want to bother with these issues, because
it puts him into the stress situations. He wants to avoid stress because now
he is undergoing a treatment of his mental disease. He has a devotee doctor who
is expert in ayurveda and GM has full faith in his instructions. The doctor
had told him that if GM will follow the treatment, everything will turn out
successfuly. But it will take years. He should avid stress completely. There
are also some astrological aspects. Now GM is in weaker period. But it should
end in year 2006, then the strong period will come. GM intends to continue
with the preaching as usually. And then, in 2006 "we will see... Because as
Prabhupada said, preacher naturally makes disciples. But as for now, I cannot
say. It's like if I run a marathon and in the middle of it I get this knee
problem and I must continue to walk with a cane. And they are asking me 'Will
you continue to run the marathon?' So that's the situation now."

Why GM said that the aspiring disciples can find some other spiritual
master who will initiate them?
"I do not even want to think about the list of persons who are waiting for
initiation. I don't want to feel obliged that 'O, now I will have to initiate
these persons'. It puts me into stress now. Therefore I gave these option.
They can wait, but if they want initiation now, I have no objection if they
find other diksa guru. You have siksa and diksa gurus. Usually the siksa
becomes diksa. But if they find some of my godbrothers who will initiate them,
that is wonderful. So it's up to them. I cannot give this as an instruction.
But they expect this from me. And it causes me stress. It's crazy situation."

Why GM said that those who have 1st initiation from him can take 2nd from
other spiritual master, although the 2nd initiation is more outstanding?
"Again this is an option, it is not instruction. We must be practical. They
will not get 2nd initiation from me for some years from now. But if they want
it right now , I have no objection that somebody else will give them. Because
with 2nd initiation you are allowed to worship Deities, you are recognized as
a bonafide preacher, like that... The 1st initiation is not real initiation in
that sense. It just helps you to purify, to qualify yourself for the 2nd. Or
they can wait, again - it's up to them."

He also said that if he is going to initiate again in the future, he will
very carefully choose whom he will initiate. "Not like I have done in the past
- all these strange persons... Like Bhaktividya Purna Maharaja, he has just
very, very few disciples. But he can train all of them personally."
I think these are quite clear explanations. So, please, DO NOT ask
or write to GM these questions again and again...

Thank you , Hare Krsna
ys Vidyagati das

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