22nd May 2001 - GM in Budapest

Dear devotees, PAMHO, AgtSP! AgtGM!

The next day (Monday May 21) morning GM attended Mangala arati. Then he made
puja for salagramas and small fire yajna. After I have washed puja
paraphernalia there was Deity greeting and SP gurupuja. GM came to speak on SB
2.10.7. In the beginning he said that creation of mat. world is not ALL God
has to do. He described how SB perfectly explains the fourfold causation of
everything. There are four causes:

#1 material cause (or ingredients) "Just like if you built a house, you have
some bricks, cement and wood. But that's not enough. When you bring all these
together you still don't have a house."

#2 efficient cause (or operative) "So you have the material, but you must also
have some workers, some bunch of sudras. But that's still not enough. Imagine
you will let them there alone. Imagine what will happen. Most probably they
would just steal everything and then go home."

#3 formal cause (the architect) "Therefore, you must have someone, who is
directing these workers, like an architect."

#4 final cause (reason, purpose) "And finally,when you have built a house, you must know
why. You can't say 'Oh, it's by chance that I have built this', because it
takes a lot of work to built a house. So you have different houses for
different purposes. Some are for living, some are shops, some hospitals and so
on." Then he described how no one else is able to perfectly describe ALL these
four. "Not even ancient Egyptians could go further than is Mahavisnu. They had
some idea about ocean from which a cosmic egg comes. But that's all. Nor
western religions could, actually what they think about to be God (Creator) is
just Brahma. And modern scientists are completely puzzled. They do not know,
they themselves admit that. Once I have read somewhere, one of the most
prominent scientists was admitting what problems science can't answer. And on
this long list there were exactly these points. From where does matter come?
Who or what has put it together? And what is the purpose of all this? So you
can see how perfectly SB answers this. Because the cause of all these four
causes is Krsna."

Early this morning GM gave me a paper with some herbs he wanted to get. Also
there was a detailed description of what he wanted for his lunch today. It
was little unusual (patties from soya flour, besam, corn flour and potatoes
dropped into buttermilk), but mataji Vaikunthesvari did it well. It is
interesting that here also (like in Slovakia) it's not possible to get any
buttermilk in the shops. But Antardhi pr. with the help of other devotees took
the trouble to shake it from the cream with his strong arms. It was also

Today morning (Tuesday May 22) GM attended mangala arati, than did his puja and
yajna. Today he attended also Deity greeting and SP gurupuja. But during
kirtans he sits in a chair, because of his knee. The lecture was on SB 2.10.8.
Today he spoke about how we can develop our attraction (raga) to Krsna. It is
not by following strictly all rules and regulations to the last small detail,
but by the mercy of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, who in our sampradaya is
represented by Srila Rupa Goswami. Therefore we are known as rupanugas. Srila
Prabhupada is the foremost one and before leaving for America, when living at
Radha Damodara, he was very intensely praying for blessings of Srila Rupa
Goswami. How do we know who has the attraction to Krsna? It is not by outward
symptoms like big tilak or fancy chada, but by how he preaches. How he is able
to attract others to KC. And again we can see the example of SP.

Than after the lecture there was a short group darsan regarding 'initiation
issue'. Gm took his luch at 12 am.
at 2 pm HH Sivaram Maharaj had arrived, so he went into GM's room for a while.

(To be continued)
ys Vidyagati das

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