21st June 2001 - Hellish peppers

Dear devotees,PAMHO! AGtSP! AGtGM!

Somehow I am backward in writing. I am very sorry for that, but I just
don't have enough time to write now. There is always something to do in the
personal service of GM. Now I will try to recover my memory about the
happenings of recent week. I hope there is not so much data erased...

June 7. In the evening GM was supposed to give a short class from BG. But
when he came down, he began to sing bhajan 'Gauranga Bolite Habe'. Then he
explained the meaning, basically two points. That all activities in DS are
here to help us increase chanting of Hare Krsna. Then he spoke about the
mood of the Six Goswamis- although they were on the highest level of KC,
they were always in the mood of searching for Krsna. "Where is Krsna?" They
never exclaimed "I have seen Krsna." And that is the mood of our
sampradaya- vipralambha seva or intense separation. Then he began to sing
another bhajan 'Anadi karma phale'. Both of these he chanted in completely
unknown melody, acompanying with harmonium. It was very intense. Then also
purport, that sense gratification is like burning poison. He gave an
example "... just like if you eat food which was spiced very hot and you
think that you will enjoy that. But instead it it is burning in your
throat..." I have immediatelly remembered that for today's lunch I have
cooked for GM subji from eggplants and these famous Bulgarian hot peppers.
They look very innocent, maximum 10 cm in lenght and very thinny, but
inside are hot like anything. Even while frying them I was caughing and
tears flowed from my eyes (not because of Krsna prema).

And I was also told, how hellish they can be. The story is as follows:
the grandfather of one devotee was once competing with one of his friends
as to who can eat more of them.
So he proudly announced: "I will eat 30!", which he actually did, but
unfortunatelly 10 minutes after he left his body because of this. So he
couldn't enjoy the price. And he wasn't very old, let's say 40 years.
This is just to illustrate GM's point. But anyway, GM likes these peppers.
And don't worry, I don't use the hottest ones.

Than GM continued with purport and as a special bonus he also gave
purport to 'Amara Jivana'- line by line translation and what it means.
(to be continued)

ys vidyagati das

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