19th September 2001 - Fear & terrorists

Dear devotees, PAMHO! AGTSP! AGTGM!

September 9. Today Premabhakti Prada P.drove GM to Wroclaw
to give Sunday Feast class. He spoke from BG 2.70 about how
to deal with our senses.

At the farm GM stays at the place of Ramakeli P. During
Monday and Tuesday he was not giving any classes. On
Tuesday evening I came in and there were GM and Ramakeli P.
watching the TV News about "America Under Attack". Nobody
knew what's going on, it looked just like from some horror
movie, but it was reality. The next day GM commented the
incident in the class on SB 10.3.28:

Conditioned jivas take the material world as an alternative
to the spiritual world. Maybe God is THERE, but He is not
HERE, here WE can do what we want. He compared them to a
child who wants to drive his father's car without his
permission. And then, when he realises that he doesn't know
how to drive it, fear comes.

"They try to hide away that fear, by what? By sense
gratification. Actually, in the 16th chapter of the Gita
Krsna says that this is the policy of the demons. Actually
the life of a demon is always full of bewilderment,
confusion, problems, anxiety, in other words - fear. But
the solution of the demons is that they take even deper
shelter in kama bhoga. Kama means lust and bhoga means
sense gratification. They try to forget this fear by
enjoying all the more. And thus what is the result? They
create a hell. Society becomes actually hellish.
So this is going on right now, you see, in the U.S.A.,
where they have tried to have a very... whole society is
dedicated to kama bhoga, enjoyment of lusty desires. And in
this way forget that we have to die, forgeting that our
position here is, as Prabhupada said, tottering, at any
moment it can fall...

So they have tried to create this
heaven on Earth in America and now...the terrorists are
attacking. So the background fear has bursted to the
foreground. Everyone is allarmed "What is happening? How
can this go on?" I was just listening to BBC, so the
reporter was stopping on the highway, they have this big
rest places, the restaurants, so he was stopping in those
places to interview the people. So everyone was very
scared, they are crying, but what are they doing? They are
sitting at the Mc Donnald's eating hamburger "Oh, what's
wrong?" So they are eating their own mother and crying that
life is so bad, airplanes are falling from the sky...

SP sooo many years ago pointed out that this is the result
of a civilisation that is dedicated to sense gratification.
Such a civilisation becomes like a jungle. In the jungle
you have different kinds of animals, some of them are
peaceful and others are terrorists, like a tiger, who waits
in the bush, and when one of these nice animals comes, he
jumpes on them and tears their throats. Prabhupada said
sooo many years ago, that this is to be expected, what can
you do, if you make human society into jungle animal
society, then you'll have such problems. It is only

Then he went on to speak about "transcendental fear", which
belongs to another realm of emotions expressed directly
from the soul. It is a kind of maya, but yoga maya which
connects the devotee with Krsna. Like Devaki feared that
evil Kamsa could kill small Krsna.

ys Vidyagati das

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