16th September 2002 - Guru Maharaja back in Finland

Dear vaisnavas and Vaisnavis please accept our humble obeisances all glories
to Guru Maharaja all glories to Srila Prahupada.Nitai Gauranga.

Tattvavada prabhu drove Guru Maharaja from the airport. He said that Guru
Maharaja was again in very jolly mood. He had a lot of His godbrother's
association and was happy because of that. He listed all the Maharajas and
prabhus who were there. During that five day festival he gave a seminar
there, probably from Kali-Santarana Upanisad, and one Bhagavatam class.
The seminar was very well attended. There were also many devotees who wanted
to become His disciples.

Thursday evening was this lecture: "The Vedic Doctrine of Absolute
Personalism" in University of Helsinki,in a club of natural philosophy,
to be exact. Lecture was arranged by this club and it was not a straight
preaching program in that sense, besides Guru Maharaja, only three of us
were in dhotis. There were some 40 people participating.
At least from material point of view, very high academics of Finland,
some of them already emeritus. Tattvavada was lecturing there one year ago
and they were willing to get more knowledge.

Guru Maharaja was just so convincing, intelligent and hmm...majestetic
would be the best word, in his presentation. Definitely it was clear to
everybody that this person is expert in Vedic philosophy.
He first spoke for an hour, mentioned how he himself became follower of this
Vaisnava sampradaya and his own backgroung,
explaining about different vedic paths, he explained briefly the impersonal
schools of advaita vedanta and buddhism and how Srila Prabhupada`s explanation
of Vaisnava philosophy shows the incompleteness of impersonalism.

Then there were questions for 45-minutes, there would have been more, but
the building was getting closed. Mainly very intelligent questions, partly
challenching also, since these people are at least externally hard-boiled
atheists. I don`t mean to be unpolite, but I was smiling when looking on
these professors with their long beards, just like from comics.

After lecture, while honoring samosas, the situation was almost straight
from the pages of "the life comes from life." Professors giving arguments
and devotees sharply defeating them by the mercy of Srila Prabhupada.
But in case even these externally challenging persons gave comments, like,
"I felt this lecture was very positive for my karma...".

Guru Maharaja was very enlivened afterwards.
We asked if the universities are in general opening more for our preaching.
He said it's much up to what kind of image we have in their eyes.
We have to be expert in presenting our philosophy, and when we make friends
with them they will ask us again, it is also not so good to be too fanatical
with these people at the beginning.

Tattvavada prabhu had arranged Friday as a "freeday", Guru Maharaja did
his yajna, took his walk etc.

Sri Radhastami morning lecture was from SB 2.3.15. Main point was that
mahabhagavatas are most elevated even in a childhood.
Guru Maharaja told a very nice story that goes back more than one thousand
years, about Madhu, son of Sri Ketana, devotee of Alalanatha.

In the evening the temple was crowded once again, not as Janmastami, but
some 140 people came, Guru Maharaja participated in bathing Sri Sri
Radha-Govinda whose Lordships were visiting our temple from the place of one
grhasta-couple. Very excellent lecture, deep and confidental, from CC 4.82.

There were arrangements to keep wild children elsewhere, but not actually

Sunday morning there was again arranged phone darsan, with Ph.D Sulocana
Meyer-Rocher, Indian lady, living in north-Finland. She made three nice
questions, and got nice answers. There were arranged 20 minutes for other
devotees also, but Guru Maharaja mercifuly spoke much longer.
And the flow on ambrosial trancsendental nectar still continued while
Tattvavada prabhu again drove him to airport.

Really a lot of spiritual knowledge and nectar. Tattvavada prabhu will try
to send the main points of this darsan to here, within one week.

Guru Maharaja is going to make third visit to Helsinki, this time only for
short transit, but he still promised to give morning lecture next Monday.

Ps. I apologize my poor sanskrit, in last writing my purpose was to say that
Guru Maharaja is very PAKA in deity worship, word BAKA has a quite different

Your servant
Muniraja das

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