15th May 2001 - GM in Prague

Dear devotees, AGTSP, AGTGM!

GM arrived at Tuesday May 1 to Prague from Heidelberg with Kusa pr.
as his driver. Unfortunatelly apart from his broken knee he had also
some inflammation in his elbow. Immediatelly the second day morning
Prahlad Nrsimha Pr. had arranged a doctor for him. GM then underwent a
surgical operation of an elbow . It was certainly wery painful, but
Kamala Carana pr. who was there also with GM said that he was very
brave. Afterwards GM made a comment:"The doctor was a heavy guy."

For next two days GM was recovering from this. The doctor told him
that it shoul be OK within 10-14 days.(Now it is OK.) He began to give
lectures the next day. During the whole visit here he was giving
almost every day one lecture. Devotees here are very eager to hear
from him.

Nrsimha Caturdasi he spent on Czech farm, where he gave SB lecture.
There were many nice points. I liked this one: he said thad the demons
(because of their perverted thinking) consider God to be some monster.
Therefore the Lord appeared as a monster to Hiryanakasipu just to show
His sense of humor. GM also did an abhisek for our new small Deity
of Sri Sri Prahlad Laksmi Nrsimha.

The next Wednesday GM gave a public lecture at Govindas in Prague.
He said we should not try to enjoy Sita (Lord's energy) like demon
Ravana, otherwise we will be destroyed like he was.

Now GM has a very strict daily schedule. Every day he worships his
three salagram silas and makes a small fire sacrifice (everything he does in
his room). He is learning more details and mantras like Purusa sukta
etc. Once I went into his room and heard him listening to his own
reciting of these mantras from tape recorder. He also performs small
bhajan in his room everyday.

GM now has a very strict diet also. He takes only yellow mung dal
without salt or spices. Along with this he chewes some fresh ginger and
rhubarb. And also some green pepper balls. Also for 5 - 6 days he was living
only on buttermilk, which he was offering to his silas. And all of
this (except for mung) he considers to be a medicine. In his lectures
he was mentioning some basic things from ayurveda and how we can
engage it in KC. He is stessing also the importance of sattva guna,
that it was the goal of vedic culture to rise everyone there, for
the mindcontrol.

There was a disciple meeting one afternoon where GM explained the
situation about his not accepting or initiating anyone in the future.
He also answered questions concerning this. Some of GM's disciples
or aspiring disciples were little confused. Anyway, I don't want to
quote here anything out of context. Maybe in the future (if I will
have some time) I can try to transcribe it here.

We had also made a general cleaning of GM's van. There was quite a
big mess. GM was very happy that we have discovered some puja
paraphernalia which he can use. Some of it which he will not use he
donated to the temple. GM wants to sell his van, because as he said ,
it is a big entanglement for him now, especially when he will spent
more time in India.

Tommorow morning we are leaving Prague for Budapest.Than Romania and
Bulgaria. Kusa pr. is GM's driver and I got the mercy to be personal
servant untill we will return to Prague again (which will be in the
middle of June). Now I want to beg all of you to kindly bless me,
so that I can serve GM nicely.

Hare Krsna.

your servant Vidyagati dasa

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