2A-60790-06-13CopenhagenSB 4.12.9Philosophy of KC
1A-60890-06-13CopenhagenBG 15.15Krsna is the Vedavit, giver of knowledge
1A-61790-06-26OsloBG 10.10Dialectical yoga principles
1A-617a90-06-28StockholmSB 2.2.20We don't want to struggle
1A-61890-06-29StockholmSB 2.2.21Perfectly situated in yoga
1A-618a90-07-01StockholmSB 2.2.23Markandeya & Nara Narayana Rsi
1A-62990-07-15StockholmBG 13.26SFL: Ganga Mata Goswamini
1A-662a90-10-07StockholmBG 8.28SFL: Chanting is the fundamental process in bhakti yoga
1A-69390-12-29Korsnas GardSB 9.6.52Raising up through cakras
1A-69590-12-30Stockholm*SFL: Radha is cooking for Krsna
1A-71391-01-03HeidelbergBG 6.11-12Story of Sunda & Upasunda
2A-71491-01-04HeidelbergSB 4.10.13Independence means depending on Krsna
2A-90292-01-05SofiaBG 4.34Initiation lecture: Offenses
2A-95592-04-15StockholmReadingRenunciation Through Wisdom + Krsna Book
1A-95792-04-16StockholmReadingRenunciation Through Wisdom + Krsna Book
2A-95892-04-17Korsnas GardSB 10.8.23Vatsalya rasa
1A-95992-04-17StockholmReadingRenunciation Through Wisdom + Krsna Book
2A-96092-04-18Almviks GardSB 5.18.26Materialists present God as a ghost
1A-96192-04-18StockholmReadingRenunciation Through Wisdom & Krsna Book
1B-01192-06-07SofiaBG 3.16SFL: Our life is a reflection of reality
2B-01392-06-08SofiaSB 1.8.6Incredible mercy of Lord Caitanya
2B-01692-06-10SofiaSB 1.8.11In any condition surrender unto Krsna
2B-01992-06-11AsenovgradCcAntya 18.Rescuing Lord Caitanya from the sea
2B-11992-11-23StockholmBG 2.29Sadhu speaks Vedas not by memory but by realisation
2B-12092-11-24StockholmSB 3.8.28-29Following rules to please Krsna
1B-12192-11-24StockholmBG 8.6Sense gratification is madness
1B-12292-11-25StockholmSB 1.2.20Krsna bhakti rasa
1B-12392-11-26StockholmBG 4.34Initiation of Bhagadatta das: Brahmana understanding
1B-206b93-05-30WarsawBG 5.15*
1B-29993-10-23WarsawBG 4.15Sukadeva didn't want to take birth
2B-30093-10-24WarsawBG 6.7Karmis accept the material world & jnanis reject it
1B-30193-10-25WarsawSB 8.22.21-23The problem of Evil
2B-30293-10-26WarsawOpen ProgramKrsna is the supreme specific person
1B-35693-12-19WarsawBG 10.42Krsna maintains all universes
1B-38494-01-16Almviks GardSB 7.6.5We are servants of the Holy Name
1B-38594-01-17Almviks GardSB 7.6.6-8One who takes risks for G&K is never a looser/ Vipula story
1B-38694-01-17Almviks GardBG 12.6-7Modern “Send Me to Hell” culture / Ajamil story
1B-38894-01-19Korsnas GardSB 1.11.26Auspiciousness of Lord`s transcendental form
1B-38994-01-19StockholmBG 13.28-31Asura sampat is prominent in modern society
1B-39094-01-20Almviks GardSB 7.6.27Let's become servants
1B-45394-05-25NJNKInitiationJumpstart initiation
2B-48794-06-19WarsawCcM 16.67Devotees can become more powerful than Krsna
2B-48894-06-20WarsawSB 9.18.26-39Bhakti can smash lusty desires
2B-49094-06-21WarsawOpen ProgramAnaditam krtam krtam
1B-57094-09-20StockholmSB 7.6.19To see God you must be humble - Aksobhya Tirtha
1B-57194-09-21StockholmSB 7.6.20-26Importance of hearing
2B-57294-09-21StockholmBG 7.14*
1B-57394-09-22Korsnas GardSB 1.17.9Vaisnava's extasy - killing of the demons
2B-57494-09-23StockholmBG 15.8-11Atma & Paramatma: supermarket analogy
2B-57594-09-25StockholmSB 7.6.24Flooding the entire universe with the Holy Name
1B-57694-09-25StockholmBG 4.13Initiation
1B-57794-09-26Korsnas GardSB 1.17.14Maharaj Pariksit versus Kali:”They will fear me”
1B-73095-04-04StockholmSB 7.9.11Surrender is for our benefit
1B-73195-04-04StockholmBG 3.40Story of Bilvamangala Thakur
1B-73295-04-05StockholmBG 6.44We only need to chant Hare Krsna (Kali Santarana Up.)
1B-73395-04-06StockholmSB 7.9.12The real quality of a Vaisnava
1B-73495-04-06StockholmBG 3.42The mind & body problem
1B-73595-04-07Korsnas GardSB 2.2.23Transcendental & material lust
1B-73695-04-07StockholmBG 3.43Scientists, philosophers & real wisdom
1B-73795-04-08StockholmSB 7.9.13Nietzsche is dead, not God - about values
1B-75895-04-30AmsterdamBG 5.29SFL
2B-85995-09-03StockholmSB 7.6.17-18Sex attraction - shackles of Maya
1B-86095-09-03StockholmBG 9.18Don't be a dog, come to the real happiness
1B-86195-09-04StockholmBG 15.19“European mind” is full of garbage
1B-86295-09-05StockholmSB 7.6.20-23Story of Citraketu; Indra & Vrtrasura
1B-86495-09-06StockholmSB 7.6.24Become eager to preach
1B-86595-09-06StockholmBG 18.61-62Beg the SM to perform the heart operation
1B-86795-09-09StockholmSB 7.6.27Power of sadhu sanga
1B-93795-11-26SofiaBG 4.42Vyasa Puja
2B-94295-12-08TimisoaraSB 3.7.29One with faith, the impersonalist and the fool
2B-94395-12-09TimisoaraOpen ProgramEveryone lives for a rasa
1B-94495-12-10TimisoaraBG 7.6SFL: Refutation of atheistic arguments
1B-96196-05-02MayapurSB 5.18.8Nrsimha Caturdasi
1B-96296-04-17MayapurSB 4.21.43*
1C-03796-07-14StockholmSB 4.3.23Radio Krsna: Five stages of realization in KC
1C-039a96-07-15StockholmSB 4.6.46The Vaisnava culture of giving
1C-039b96-07-18*StockholmSB 4.6.49*
1C-04196-07-16StockholmSB 4.6.50-53The wealth of our sampradaya: the literature
2C-08296-09-05RadhadeshCcM 15.17Sri Krsna Janmastmi
1C-08796-09-10AmsterdamSB 2.1.22Overcoming mind's impurities
1C-14796-11-30TimisoaraInterviewfor TV Timisoara
1C-18897-01-10AntwerpenBG 16.24We have to know WHY?
1C-19497-01-15GoteborgBG 2.70Matrix - pattern of our experiences
2C-194a97-01-16GoteborgBG 2.71Socrates, Vaisnava qualities
1C-20097-01-23StockholmSB 4.11.31We don't need the material body
1C-20197-01-25StockholmBG 18.60We can’t change our nature but we can engage it
1C-20297-01-26Korsnas GardSB 3.12.28Habit is a second nature
1C-20397-01-26StockholmBG 18.61SFL: Elementary of self realisation
1C-20497-01-29StockholmBG 18.62A devotee is not disturbed by Maya
1C-20597-01-29StockholmSB 4.12.8Wealth, liberation and cycle of birth & death
2C-20697-01-30Almviks GardSB 10.2.3The only goal of a devotee
1C-20797-01-31StockholmSB 4.12.10*
1C-20897-01-31StockholmBG 18.63Free will
1C-21797-02-07StockholmSB 4.12.17Spiritual world: unlimitedly more dimensions
1C-22597-02-11StockholmSB 4.12.20To live means to choose
1C-22697-02-13StockholmSB 4.12.22Cosmos & cosmetics
1C-29397-06-24CZ CampBG 18.66Break out of Maya by chanting of Hare Krsna
1C-29497-06-25CZ CampSB 1.2.20To remember Krsna, that is real goodness
1C-29597-06-26CZ CampBhajanbefore the class
1C-29697-06-27CZ CampSB 1.2.22Real Kavi finds pleasure in Krsna
2C-38997-11-19PragueUniProgramSubstance & Shadow
1C-39097-11-21NJNKSB 2.8.4When cure of SB is taken whimsically, it is poison
1C-39097-11-21NJNKBhajanJaya Radha Madhava
1C-39197-11-21NJNKVP AddressVaisnava is always humble
1C-40198-00-00Helsinki*Vedic Root of Western Religious Tradition
1C-41697-12-07StockholmSB 4.22.55People are separated by their desires
1C-41797-12-07StockholmBG 4.37Connect with Krsna to get out of sin
1C-41897-12-09StockholmBG 4.38Real test is association with the devotees
1C-41997-12-10StockholmSB 4.22.56Mahajanas satisfy everyone
1C-42897-12-16StockholmSB 4.23.6Both pravriti & nivriti depend on God
1C-42997-12-17StockholmSB 4.23.7KC is easy but not cheap
1C-43097-12-19StockholmSB 4.23.9Risks in personal relationships
1C-43197-12-20StockholmSB 4.23.10The origin of our tendency to sin
1C-50998-03-30PragueInitiationUncover your real self
2C-51198-03-31PragueUniProgramSubstance & Shadow
1C-55298-04-27DenveterBG 2.59SFL: Param drstva -"Coca Cola mantra" is not yoga
1C-55298-04-27Denveter*Sunday Bhajan
1C-61298-07-05PragueSB 5.1.29Adam & Eve: Mlecchas' ancestors
1C-61398-07-05PragueBG 14.20SFL: We belong to the ocean of nectar
1C-61398-07-05PragueBhajanbefore the class
1C-67298-10-14Bratislava /SKBG 10.10Real love
1C-67298-10-14Bratislava /SK*Gaura arati + Jaya Radha Madhava
1C-71298-11-20PragueSB 5.8.10Concocted welfare work is useless
1C-71498-11-22PragueBG 5.10SFL: Surrender "bhoga-tyaga" to Krsna
1C-71598-11-23PragueSB 5.8.14From sadhana to bhava by reducing offenses
1C-71698-11-23PragueUniProgramWhat does it mean to be a person?
1C-93099-11-21Kam.Senov/CZSB 3.15.23Relish SB in the association of the devotees
1C-93299-11-21Kam.Senov/CZBG 9.31Fear is the symptom of Maya
1C-93399-11-22Kam.Senov/CZSB 3.15.24Five levels of human life
1C-93499-11-23Kam.Senov/CZSB 3.15.25Divine blessings as reward for worship of SM
2D-08125.5.2001TimisoaraBG 4.36Flip from viveka to papa buddhi: "I don't care"
1D-08226.5.2001TimisoaraPublic ProgramPurpose of human life: leave karma & enter lila
1D-08327.5.2001TimisoaraSB 4.28.65Five stages of knowledge + explanation of Puranjana story
1D-08427.5.2001TimisoaraSFLDifferent dimensions of CON / We belong to the real world
1D-08528.5.2001TimisoaraSB 4.29.1Liberation of activities: passive negation isn't enough
1D-08630.5.2001TimisoaraSB 4.29.3There are no "party crashers" in Goloka Vrndavana
2D-08731.5.2001TimisoaraBG 7.2Jnana & Vijnana must be cultivated simultaneously
1D-2994.8.2002SzegedSunday FeastKirtan
2D-362aIX.02HelsinkiUniProgramTranscendental personalism
2D-3766.5.2003AmsterdamBG 6.40Anusmrti / Rasa graha person
2D-3777.5.2003AmsterdamSB 3.31.47Yukta vairagya frees one from addiction to sense gratification
2D-3787.5.2003WageningenStudent ProgramHigher level of self-awareness / Ancient science of CON
2D-3798.5.2003DelftStudent ProgramScience is modern religion
2D-38211.5.2003AmsterdamBG 8.21SFL: Supreme destination of Vedanta - Goloka Vrndavana
2D-38312.5.2003MaastrichtStudent ProgramMother Nature works in three modes
2D-38413.5.2003NijmegenUniProgramEssentialism / Existencialism / Vedanta
1D-385a14.5.2003AmsterdamUniProgram #1Essentialism / Existencialism / Vedanta
1D-385b14.5.2003AmsterdamUniProgram #2Discussion with Andre van der Braak
2D-38615.5.2003AmsterdamSB 3.32.3Nrsimha Caturdasi: Nietzsche & sudra philosophy
1D-38715.5.2003RotterdamEvening ProgramNrsimha Caturdasi: Hiranyakasipu is in our heart
1D-38715.5.2003Rotterdam*Evening kirtan before the class
1D-38815.5.2003Rotterdam*Kirtan after the class
2D-38917.5.2003AntwerpenSB 1.2.17Orthodox Mayavada: Brahman (God) has no shakti (power)
1D-39018.5.2003AntwerpenSunday Feast Kirtan*
2D-39118.5.2003AntwerpenSunday Feast Dreaming while being awake / Daydream - Nightdream
2D-39220.5.2003RadhadeshSB 3.12.34Taking to the scholarly line instead of the line of acaryas
2D-39320.5.2003RadhadeshBG 4.42Yajna - objective program for the material world
1D-39421.5.2003RadhadeshSB 3.12.35Bhavisya Purana: Adam, Eve & Personality of Kali
1D-39521.5.2003VelpStudent ProgramHow to get happiness / Q&A
2D-39624.5.2003AmsterdamBG 7.2Phenomenal & Numinous knowledge
2D-39725.5.2003Den HaagBG 9.3SFL: By hearing one gets eyes to see Krsna
2D-39826.5.2003AmsterdamSpeech / BG 7.3Two kinds of selfishnness: Aham mameti - Aham brahmasmi
2D-4454.6.2003PraguePublic ProgramVisadha yoga -> Buddhi yoga -> Bhakti yoga
1D-4509.6.2003Pezinok BG 5.25External activity & internal cultivation of KC has to be there
1D-45110.6.2003Pezinok SB 1.13.18We have to wake up from the slumber of disease & old age
2D-45211.6.2003PresovSB 7.9.43Secret of enthusiasm - internal cultivation of hearing & chanting
2D-45312.6.2003PresovSB 7.9.44Key difference between vaisnava & mayavada philosophy
1D-45413.6.2003PresovSB 7.9.45Sex life - perverted form of rasa
1D-45514.6.2003BudapestGreetingMano vikara - transformations of the mind
2D-45615.6.2003BudapestCcM 18.135Five levels of developing knowledge
1D-45715.6.2003BudapestSunday Feast Kirtan*
2D-45815.6.2003BudapestSFLReal test of spiritual life: loosing the taste for sense gratification
1D-46016.6.2003BudapestPublic ProgramSix enemies are terrorists invading our consciousness
2D-46117.6.2003BudapestSB 3.13.44We are different from Krsna, but not separated from Him
1D-46217.6.2003SzegedGreetingCatur vyuha & Pancatattva: expanding spir. world within mat. sphere
1D-46318.6.2003SzegedSB 4.18.6Our connection to Catur-vyuha
2D-46419.6.2003SzegedPublic ProgramIn bhakti yoga we are not afraid of emotions
1D-46520.6.2003SzegedSB 4.18.8KC doesn't depend on expert management
2D-46621.6.2003TimisoaraPublic ProgramVedic psychology
2D-46822.6.2003TimisoaraBG 14.5SFL: Three modes of spir. & mat. natures
2D-47025.6.2003TimisoaraBG 7.4-5The only pleasure principle is Krsna
1D-471a27.6.2003BeogradPublic ProgramKirtan
2D-471b27.6.2003BeogradBG 6.6-7Program: Pure consciousness = pure mind
2D-47228.6.2003BeogradSB 3.8.9Because of their qualities brahmanas are independent
1D-473a29.6.2003BeogradSunday FeastKirtan
2D-473b29.6.2003BeogradBG 15.16-19SFL: Trisloki gita - Summary of Vedanta philosophy
1D-478a4.7.2003SofiaPublic SpeechLord Jagannatha's Appearance Pastime
1D-478b5.7.2003SofiaSB 8.17.8All yajnas become auspicious by invoking Vamana's mercy
1D-4795.7.2003SofiaEvening SpeechOrigin of Ratha Yatra
2D-4806.7.2003SofiaSB 8.17.9Don't be lazy in understanding the siddhanta
1D-4816.7.2003SofiaEvening SpeechDevotee's greatness arises against the background of defeat
2D-4828.7.2003SofiaMaitreya ProgramReal spiritual vision: hidden greatness of Kaliyuga
2D-4839.7.2003SofiaSB 8.17.24Guhya namabhi - the Lord doesn't HAVE TO be in His Name
2D-4849.7.2003SofiaBG 9.9Maya arises our desires, but doesn't satisfy them
2D-4859.7.2003SofiaBG 9.10Lord's glance is full of wonderful potencies
2D-48612.7.2003TimisoaraPublic ProgramEverything is based on transcendental personality
2D-48713.7.2003TimisoaraBG 8.5SFL: Cultivation of the heart
2D-48816.7.2003Hungar. FarmSB 4.29.12-13Develop pure hearing by serious chanting
1D-48916.7.2003Hungar. FarmSpeechon Bhaktivinoda's song: The bird of my heart…
2D-49017.7.2003Hungar. FarmSB 4.29.14Defeating sex urge by addiction to Krsna
2D-49120.7.2003Lutotin - CZSunday SpeechRecepy for purification of the heart
1D-49222.7.2003CZ CampSB 7.6.1Spiritual training - arresting flow of sinful desires
2D-49322.7.2003CZ CampSeminary #1Transcendental Psychology
2D-49423.7.2003CZ CampSeminary #2Paramartika & Vyavaharika
2D-49525.7.2003CZ CampSeminary #3*
1D-49626.7.2003CZ CampSB 7.6.5Propagation of KC is the lifeforce of varnasrana dharma
2D-49726.7.2003CZ CampSeminary #4*
1D-49829.7.2003PragueBG 6.24Six auspicious ingredients to be added to dev. service
1D-49930.7.2003PragueSB 9.11.15Gauna kalpana - indirect understanding (of mayavadis)
2D-50030.7.2003PragueProgramEnd of ignorance = end of sinfulness
1D-5015.8.2003New SantipurSB 1.12.25Starting point of modern civilisation is kalpana (imagination)
1D-5025.8.2003New SantipurBG 18.60Engaging one's nature in dev. service
1D-5037.8.2003New SantipurBG 18.61-66Difference between moksa & suddha bhakti
1D-5058.8.2003WroclawBG 5.23-24It's possible to become goswami in one life
2D-5069.8.2003WroclawBG 6.5Importance of the mind in spiritual life
1D-50710.8.2003WroclawSB 2.2.36Kaliyuga started by misuse of sound vibration
1D-50810.8.2003WroclawSunday Bhajan*
1D-51315.8.2003LodzBhajan + Yajna*
1D-51415.8.2003LodzSpeechExpanding the web of KC
2D-51517.8.2003WarsawSB 4.24.41Krsna is the taste of everything anybody is doing
2D-51617.8.2003WarsawBG 6.47SFL: Bhakti yoga includes karma / jnana / mystic yogas
1D-51719.2.2003TartoUniProgramWhat is Vedanta
1D-51820.8.2003HelsinkiSB 2.9.4Sri Krsna Janmastami
1D-51921.8.2003HelsinkiSP Vyasa PujaBhajan
1D-52021.8.2003HelsinkiSP Vyasa PujaLecture
1D-52123.8.2003HelsinkiSB 2.9.6*
1D-52812.9.2003HelsinkiSeminary #1Transcendental Psychology
2D-52913.9.2003HelsinkiSeminary #2Transcendental Psychology
1D-529a13.9.2003HelsinkiSB 2.9.21*
1D-53114.9.2003HelsinkiBG 7.8SFL
1D-53215.9.2003HelsinkiSeminary #3Transcendental Psychology
1D-53316.9.2003HelsinkiSeminary #4Transcendental Psychology
1D-53418.9.2003TallinBG 12.2*
1D-53519.9.2003TallinSB 3.25.26*
1D-53620.9.2003TallinBG 7.14*
1D-53721.9.2003TallinSB 3.25.28*
1D-53821.9.2003TallinBG 7.22SFL
2D-53924.9.2003OuluUniProgramVedic Moral Education
1D-54025.9.2003KelloSB 2.9.29*
1D-54630.9.2003RovaniemiUniProgramTranscendental Psychology
1D-54731.9.2003OuluUniProgramFoundation of civilisation
1D-5482.10.2003KelloSB 2.9.33b*
1D-5492.10.2003OuluProgramIndia Experience
1D-5505.10.2003HelsinkiSB 2.9.33c*
1D-5515.10.2003HelsinkiBG 13.27SFL
1D-5539.10.2003TampereUniProgramVedic Philosophy & Psychology
1D-55410.10.2003HelsinkiBG 8.14*
1D-55515.10.2003Prague - Gov.Bhajan*
1D-55615.10.2003Prague - Gov.BG 8.27Don't be disturbed by two paths, do your duties for Krsna
1D-55918.10.2003Prague - Gov.Vyasa Puja SpeechSudarsana Cakra & Guru tattva
1D-56119.10.2003PragueBG 13.21SFL: Viveka - discrimination between soul & matter
1D-56226.10.2003GroningenSB 1.16.6 Devotees live in the world of Krsna's pastimes
1D-56326.10.2003AmsterdamBhajansfrom Govardhan
1D-56526.10.2003AmsterdamBG 9.29SFL: Govardhan - destroyer of unlimited sufferings
1D-56627.10.2003WormerInterviewAbout Yajna
1D-56828.10.2003AmsterdamSB 4.1.1Herculean task of Srila Prabhupada
1D-56928.10.2003Den HaagEvening SpeechSrila Prabhupada's pastimes in India
1D-57029.10.2003AmsterdamSB 4.1.2Brahmanas & ksatriyas are representatives of God
1D-57126.9.2003OuluIB CollegeTheory of knowledge
2D-5723.11.2003New ZealandSeminary - Introon Vedic Psychology
2D-5734.11.2003New ZealandSeminary #1on Vedic Psychology
2D-5745.11.2003New ZealandSeminary #2on Vedic Psychology
2D-5757.11.2003New ZealandSeminary #3on Vedic Psychology
2D-5768.11.2003New ZealandSeminary #4on Vedic Psychology
1D-5778.11.2003New Zealand*Nama Hatta Program
1D-5789.11.2003New ZealandSB 1.2.34*
1D-57910.11.2003New ZealandSB 1.3.1*
1D-580*New ZealandSB 1.2.30*
1D-58111.11.2003New ZealandSB 1.2.31*
1D-582*New ZealandSB 4.1.23-24*
1D-583*New ZealandSB 4.1.38*
1D-58412.11.2003New ZealandSB 4.1.40*
1D-58513.11.2003HemiltonBG 2.44*
1D-58625.11.2003New Zealand*Vyasa Puja
1D-58726.11.2003New ZealandSB 1.3.2*
2D-58826.11.2003New ZealandSeminary #1Kali Santarana Upanishad
2D-58927.11.2003New ZealandSeminary #2Kali Santarana Upanishad
2D-59028.11.2003New ZealandSeminary #3Kali Santarana Upanishad
1D-59129.11.2003New Zealand*Nama Hatta Program
1D-5922.12.2003New ZealandSeminary #4Kali Santarana Upanishad
1D-67930.5.2004AmsterdamSunday Bhajan*
2D-68030.5.2004AmsterdamBG 7.2SFL: We have to know the source of matter & spirit
1D-68131.5.2004AmsterdamSB 4.4.17Blasphemy is a sin
1D-6823.6.2004AmsterdamSB 4.4.18Recepy for aparadha
1D-6835.6.2004RadhadeshSB 3.20.36Understanding the purpose of Vedas
1D-6845.6.2004RadhadeshBG 7.27We are creatures of choice
1D-6857.6.2004RadhadeshSB 3.20.37Everyone is looking for a master
1D-6869.6.2004AmsterdamSB 4.4.28Soul can't be polluted by another person's aparadha
2D-68712.6.2004PragueSB 10.8.5Real excercise of free will ("Blockheads")
2D-68813.6.2004PragueSB 10.8.6Onthology & Morphology of KC
1D-68913.6.2004PragueSunday Bhajan*
2D-69013.6.2004PragueBG 7.2SFL: What constitutes Absolute knowledge
2D-69114.6.2004PragueSeminary # 1on Five Essential Items of Devotional Service -Sat sanga
2D-69216.6.2004PragueSeminary # 2on Five Essential Items...Krsna seva / Bhagavata
1D-69317.6.2004PragueSB 10.8.11-12Lord Balarama's kriya shakti
1D-69417.6.2004PragueSeminary # 3on Five Essential Items...Hari Nama
2D-69518.6.2004PragueSeminary # 4on Five Essential Items...Vraja vasa
2D-69923.6.2004PragueBG 18.65-66Program: Need for love is originally spiritual
1D-70024.6.2004PragueBG 10.14Ultimate standard of right & wrong
1D-70125.6.2004PragueSB 10.8.20Even the Lord is blessed by hearing about Himself
1D-70327.6.2004PragueSB 10.8.22Hare Krsna movement comes from the core of Krsna's heart
1D-70427.6.2004PragueBG 14.17SFL: How to cultivate the mode of goodness
1M-01297-06-25CZ Camp*Stay High Forever VI.
1 2003AmsterdamPuja #1 
1 2003AmsterdamPuja #2